Have you heard about DMND?

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    • Have you heard about DMND?

      Abusaidi girl كتب:

      After my graduation from bachelor’s degree, I started to think of having my own business. It took me 2 years of thinking and planning. In 2015, I took my first step in achieving one of my dreams and started a business which was an online marketing company with 0 budget and one staff who was me, with a part time assistant who was my sister’s friend. The company did good, but because of my job and my postgraduate course, we stopped the services.

      Now after getting my master’s and coming back home, I started to think: what should I do to get back to the business?! Shall I improve my old business or start a new one?! I didn’t have a clear Idea about my plan for the business that time.

      Suddenly, I saw an advertisement of ‘’Youth skills development program’’ which was sponsored by The Royal Diwan. One of the benefits of the program that they will offer a Nanodegree in digital marketing course, and it is for free. It was a bright opportunity that I must not lose it. So, I joined, and exceeded registration process after competing with 11000 applicants. Now, after having 3 weeks of the course I got a clear idea of what I should do, and what will be my next step. I started to plan and work on my digital marketing strategy which would drive the project to success.

      What I liked the most about this course, it gives you an overview of business models, then start with digital marketing content. Also, it contains many practical exercises that makes you apply what you learnt, which will help you improve the skills that you already have or gain through the course. If you would like to know more about the Nanodegree Digital marketing course, check DMND.
      Source: albusaidi-girl.blogspot.com/20…you-heard-about-dmnd.html