plz read my story :(

    تم تحديث الدردشة في نسخة الأندرويد والأيفون لذلك يرجى تحديث البرنامج في هواتفكم

    • plz read my story :(

      after compliments....

      a'm a student in INDIA exactly in <<pune>>....

      my problem is the prinsepole of my college does not want to sing my exam
      viz .....
      he told me that your attendant is 'not up to 50% ....
      i said to him sire u had sing to many student which under 50%
      is that because am oman from gulf or what ....

      the most important he said that he will never sing it...
      i asked the prensebole of oman student here in pune and we went together
      to discuss the problem with this presebole <maybe he will accept >>>....
      he took the gift and said to the omani prensebol u can come to my flat to
      have some food together ....about this student ....i will 'not sing for him :(''

      the omani presbole tried with him but nothing....
      really a'm now in a bad situation ...i couldn't sleep,eat,study,call my family
      ...what i will say to my family ...they send to me every month a money
      plz feel me ......u know i tried with t\my prenspol may 7 time's he said to me
      all the time <>:('''


    • هلا

      مشكله هذا الشخص مع مدير الكليه اللي يدرس فيها في منطقه بون وانه المدير رافض توقيع امتحانه الشهري لانه نسبه الغياب عنده تعادل 50% فقط وهو شرح للمدير وقال له انه هو يوقع على امتحانات زملائه ممن هم نسبه الغياب فيه اقل من 50% بس هو يعاند مع الطلبه المسلمين وخاصه من اهل الخليج مثل مايقول هالطالب

      والله اخي العزيز مشكلتك صعبه ولكن مثل ماتقول هل فقط يعاملوا اهل الخليج هذه المعامله النسبيه اي العصبيه عليهم هل من هيئه اكبر هناك ممن يساعدون الطلبه ممكن تلجا الهم لحل مشكلتك ولا تحاول ان تفعل شيء غلط مثلا الانتحار او اي شيء من قبيل ذلك مثل ماتقول لان اهلك ياخذوا عنك فكرة سيئه بمانهم يرسلوا لك مبلغ من المال كل شهر للدراسه.

      حاول مرة اخرى مع هذا المدير وفهمه انه انت جيت للدراسه وانك حاولت كل جهدك ولا تتخاذل وتضعف امام مستقبلك الدراسي وحاول تتوسط اي من الطلبه او المدرسين القريبين مثل ماتعرف مساعدات تستوجب بهالحاله من اكثر من واحد وحاول عسى الله يوفقك وان تنجح وبالتوفيق.


      آحلى مسقط 2001
    • thankx alot for ur feeling

      after compliments...dear a7la muscat

      thankx alot again

      really i ntried with him many but nothing <<no result>>

      he said to me that in ur dreaming if u get exam's viz

      really i can't do any thing ......i already given up

      but a'm still recalling GOD in all my prays

      today i received a call fro my family and they asked me

      if a'm ready for the exam's ....really in that time i don't know how

      did i answed ....wallah 7alah ....and i stoped all my tuition ...a'm here in india as i'm came to take relaxcy

      bye al3athiba
    • هلا مراحب

      العفوا اخي جميا نود المساعده ولكن ماباليد حيله واذا لا فائده من جلوسك هناك وانت فقط تضيع الوقت فالافضل ان تصارح اهلك بالحقيقه الان سياخذون منك موقف ولكنك على حق وليس ذنبك مثل مااسلفت من مدير الكليه لذا يتوجب عليك قول الحقيقه والرجوع الى البلاد ولما لا تدرس بطليات عمان الخاصه افضل لك بين اهلك وهنا تكون باتم الراحه وتستطيع ان تحصل على حقك اذا واجهتك اي مشاكل لانك بين اهلك ووطنك تمنياتي لك بالتوفيق دوما وان تنفك عقدتك



      today only i have sing my exam's viz

      i went today with the respocible of omani studnet

      to my the respicble of my college ...and at end i got the result

      thankx alot to every one ...specialy to a7la muscat coz

      i think she is the only who feel me in that time and also fa3wan

      really a'm so happy now i can study i can continue my tuitions

      al7amdoo llah

      really i got the result when i was recalling our GOD to solve this problem for me

      thankx again to every one

      today i can call my family in oman

    • hi dear i just want to tell you one thing that dont forgate your god any way dont think that you finished every thing or you passed in your exams .realy i like you when you said because of my god the preinsible signed for me dont forgete him you are out side of your country i like you for god
      please keep your faith to him first ask him then ask people in this life you will face many problems with out him you cant.............................................................................thanks
    • salam to all
      Iwant to tell you some thing that what ever you faced because of you
      I know india verry well and also i know how the omani student spend their time by rooming whole the year till exam then paid fees behalf the attendence .
      I think you are one of them and you got what happen for you
      all the best
    • تحياتي

      هلا اخي وجميع من بالساحه والحمدالله اخيرا انحلت مشكلتك هذا طبعا بفضل الله دوما نشكره وتفالوا بالخير تجدوه اخي نتمنى دوما ان تحذو حذوك وتجتهد ولا تدع اي فرصه لهؤلاء المدراء وخاصه انهم من جنسه اخرى يستغلوا اي خطا منك كن على حذر واجتهد دوما يوفقك الله ويفرح بك اهلك وترجع لهم بالشهاده والنجاح.


      آحلى مسقط 2001
    • iam sorry agin for new problem

      ,hi every body'

      i want inform you this about my friend who wrote this subject he made eccident and becouse of this problem ...first of all his princeple accepte his fees and after tow days he return the fees of the student i dont know really why and my friend he was in tention now he is admmited in rubby hall hospital its in pune but all7med allah he is fine now we trying the best to let the princeeple to sighn in his form and to let him to enter the final exams really iam very sorry for my friend .....

      anyway iam too sorry because i did not write this in arabic because we dont have the system of arabic key bord plz forgive us we are omani student in pune please try to help my friend in his problem its to bad ..he going to lost one yaer in india
      thanx to all
      cool boy
    • thankx for every body :)

      first of all wanna to thankx ZAHRAH ZABELAH

      ZAHRAH i tried by that way but nothing coz he is from

      a rich people hence he will no't a ccept ...he may take me to the plice
      if i said to him like that ....i know it's happend in other but with him
      i don't think so all a'm giving up....

      and a'm ready to leave thins dirty country....

      u know ....there is nothing nicly in my memroy to remember this

      a'm going but be4 ...i must do some thing which will make feel
      relaxy to kill one of them or fight with the ricponcible....ect..

      :(is here any hear my voice ...really a'm crying now

      YOU have the right to hold your opinion legal eagle-^ :(

      any recommend be4 i start what's in plan ......
    • don't kill any body my bro

      hi every body
      to my brother who wrote this story really this the ture in india coz i know india very well and than for wrote this story but hope the omani studens who study there be serious in study not like what i see in india i know the hindia pepal like maney bur my brother be careful coz not all same and i think this broplem in one college only but also shoutld this omani student care about study
    • sorry for this problem

      hi my brother
      i want say im so sorry about this problem
      really my brother they will lost one year but i want ask them
      why they not get exam fees befor ???????????
      why they wait tel now ???????????
      and when they student from the college i mean other student in the college
      but my brother do the best plz and don't do any mastike coz any problem in this time not good 4 you be careful my brother and don't think if you kill any one from india you be comfortbal not that my brother
      finally i want say take care about your self plz for ur family bye
    • ليش يا اخي ما تداوم من اول العام ،ليقوم الدكتور بتصحيح العملي .....
      من جد وجد ومن زرع حصد.......
      اما جالس طول العام هايت....وباقي الدكتور يصححلك...فهذا غير معقول..
      ....اما بالنسبه لمعاملة الطلاب العرب في بون فهي جيده جدا......اما الكسالى فلهم معامله خاصه في الكليات......
      يا اخي اذا اردت ان تدرس في اي مكان في العالم فجد واجتهد،ولا تلجأ الى الاساليب الملتويه،والا فارجع الى بلدك عمان.....
    • لقد قرأت الرسالة وقرأت ايضا اراء ومشاركات الاخرين ، وارشارك براي ان الخطأ الاول يقع على صاحب المشكلة لعدم اهتمامه بدراسته منذ البداية ، كذلك ارجو ان تتماسك ولا تكن ضعيفا الله معاك واياك والاساليب التي تود ان تفعها كالقتل او الضرب فانت تعرف الهند ولا داعي لا حد ان يخبرك عن اساليبهم ومعاملتهم مع الشباب العرب ..........
      عموما نحن هنا لسنا لنوبخ صاحب المشكلة لان الذي حصل قد حصل المهم انه الان يريد حلا لمشكلته واذا كان لدى احدكم اي حل له برجاء اعطاءه له مع انه قد جرب شتى انواع الطرق لاقناع مدير الكلية . نحن نتمنى ان يقوم زملائه في الكلية والمسئول عن الطلبة هناك بتكرار المحاولات مع ذلك المسئول الذي يبدو عليه صعب التعامل وان يقوم صاحب المشكلة بالتودد وتغيير اسلوب كلامه مع المسئول لانه هو الان صاحب الامر بعد الله عزوجل وحسبي المثل الشعبي القائل (اذا طبق ثوبك فلته بالراض ) .

      الله معك اخي وان شاء الله مشكلتك ستنحل ...............