Middle East Girlzzzzzz

    • Middle East Girlzzzzzz

      Middle East Girlz ..!!
      Banat GET A GRIP .. I don't mean anything but its the damn truth !!

      Ba7raini Girlz:
      Awanhen 3aad Independent .. They think that they are better living alone, they take life easily and like to pretend that they are better than the men. They use a thick harsh accent to cover their weaknesses .. They like to show-off in front of the other sex. Even the ones wearing 7ejabs are like that .. They like racing with guyz and making them feel less than them but man they should get a life !

      Emarati Girlz:
      These now are really pathetic .. They are living between two walls. A wall of freedeom and a wall of rules and culture. Mashay wasa6, wela we7da ray7a feeha .. Wela we7da um nqaab .. These girlz like to flirt in an old fashion way. Very uncivilized. They spend nights under their bed sheets talking to their boyfriends which they never saw in their lives. All what they think about is a rich guy that would get them a mobile and gifts. They spend their times hunting guyz in shopping malls and cinema halls, they try to act cool and free while they had made a big fiasco at home just to go out.

      Kuwaity Girlz:
      The worst type .. These girlz are so free that virginity is rarely existed within them. They are very open that their pants rarely stick on their butts. They think they are the best of the middle east girlz and they are living in Europe. They are fashion freaks .. Make-up and clothes are their lives. Even the Big fat girlz (which they mostly are) get theirselves in a clothes a size bearly 10 .. They think they are models, I donno why they don't stand in front of a mirror to see all the excess fat on their bodies jumping out everywhere from their tight clothes. A truthfull advice for you girlz .. look for bigger sizes please, there is a X-large ladies shop called EVANS btw.

      Qa6ari Girlz:
      These girlz are a pure SHOW-OFF. Man '7afefo shwai il make-up .. U all look like ghosts. They put tons and tons of make-up they finish a whole lipstick on their lips. Not mentioning the fake lashes and dark eye-liners that reach till the end of their empty heads. il '7agah feehum wa9lah foug .. They only wear brands and try to compete with each other. They are very jealous, they are even jealous from their best friends. They think that guyz in Four wheels and trucks are a Turn On. They really care about last names and a guy who can make his car go on 2 wheels.

      Omani Girlz:
      Can I cry for them !! They are so stupid and naive. Man where were they when God gave brains?! These girlz are maal awal living in the 13th century .. They don't have a sense of fashion nor they know how to apply make-up. The only thing they talk about are the stupid times they spend in school and their teachers and friends .. Their boyfriends are mostly their neighbors or someone very ugly. They date in stupid places like the public parks and their deserts. Losers!!

      Saudi Girlz:
      Very crazy!! Everything they do is behind their parents .. They lie alot and all of them are perfect actresses. They go mushy mush when they see males .. They do all kind of stupid actions to attract attention. They make-up stuff, its not weird to see one with a neqaab and a see through 3aba. They have so much energy towards the wrong .. They'll do anything to run away from the society they are living in. They only go to school knowing that while in the way or coming back home they might see males in their cars or on the path. They laugh stupidly and raise they're voice whenever they sense a man near-by. Very cheap girlz.

      Now did I offend anyone ?
      If I did then I'm sorry but why are we running from the fact .. This is nothing compared to what really the middle eastern girlz are.
      I wouldn't ever accuse anyone .. Although what I said is true but there are exceptions .. All you girlz are like my sisters and I want to help u out .. Stop acting this way, be descent .. We are not in Europe, this is the middle east, we have a religion and a culture to follow .. Stop imitating others!! Get yourself an identity .. Get closer to GOD. Stop putting make-up and cover your hair and body. Runnign behind guyz won't do you good. Sometimes too much of a certain thing is very bad .. !!
    • Thatx to the writer
      All this available in gulf girls wow really cant believe.
      But dear you are fully wrong about what you said of Omani’s girls, this thing is not available in the whole country in some places in Oman e.g. Muscat. how did u say this and you are not from Oman. And if you are from Oman why did u minion your place as DC what do you mean by those letters and let we talk , discuss and shear the knowledge about this topic if you don’t mind. And so thanx to begin write ion English because no body write in English before>
    • Salaam alaikum

      i hope this time saha will work with me

      Tayib : i use to write in english but i didnt get replyers as i should so i quitted.

      Regarding the subject above:
      I believe you are put attention to advise our sister here, but i dont think teasing is the good way of it. i mean even what u said is truth ( personally i dont agree ) u suppose to rise that in advisable kind way.Further more, dont you think in your message you are immitating some1 i know?????

      c u and no offends