made in Israel

    • made in Israel

      Since politicians assume that it is not necessary to take" firm" actions
      towards the Israelian agression against the Palestine people,why not let
      speak the people , that sometimes oh so silent majority?

      I would like to contribute to this in the following way.

      Most of the products have a barcode to identifie them.

      Each barcode contains a lot of information such as the factory and also
      country where it is produced.

      The following system is not necessarly waterproof but will certainly
      you to screen a lot of products coming from Israël.

      You can retrieve the list of these countries and the according numbers
      the internet.

      Some examples :

      383 EAN Slovenija

      471 EAN Taiwan

      54 EAN Belgium.Luxembourg

      600 - 601 EAN South Africa

      Notice that these one have NOTHING to do with Israël.

      A barcode starting with "729" indicates that this product is produced in
      Israël 729 Israeli Bar Code Association - EAN Israel

      Don't buy them if you want protest against the current agression !!

      Sometimes brands are misleadin, a barcode never lies if it carries that

      There must be a way to work with this on a larger scale!

      I most certainly will pay attention to it, please forward this message