Checklist PowerPoint

    • Checklist PowerPoint



      Creating a presentation

      Can create a new presentation

      Can create the title slide

      Can use the presentation

      Can use Enter the Text

      Can Use spell Check

      Can Use Drag and Drop

      Can Use choose a design Template

      Can view the presentation

      Animating a presentation

      Can Use change the slide layout

      Can Use Add the clip Art

      Can Use Add Transition Effects

      Can create a summary slide

      Can create Animation Effects

      Can Use show the presentation

      Enhancing a presentation

      Can Use insert the table

      Can Use insert the Excel Chart

      Can Use update the chart

      Can Use the drawing Toolbar

      Can Use a media Clip

      Can Use add the word Art

      Can Use complete the word Art

      Can Use print the comments pages

      The Internet as a Resource

      Can Use insert the word outline

      Can Use search he web

      Can Use download the photograph

      Can Use Insert the photograph

      Can Use move and size the object

      Can use the picture as background

      Can Use add a text box