True Love

    • How do we recognize true love ? are there signs for love ? ....... well that is very probable...... mmmmmm ..... here are some of the sigs that i found in a little booklet ..... keeping in mind that there could be even more that only lovers could tell us about....
      .makes love the only word in the dictionary.
      .makes the world go round.
      .makes each day a little brighter.
      makes you irresistible.
      makes my heart throb.
      makes the stars twinkle.
      turns weeds into flowers.
      makes all the aches and pains disappear.
      .is a scarce commodity.
      . smoothes the bumps in the road.
      .is a miracle.
      turns rain into sunshine.
      .runs deep.
      .conquers all.
      .is like chocolate without the calories.
      .is a mirror that always flatters.
      .makes all hearts gentle.
      .never grows old.
      .is a gift that should be returned.
      .increases as you give it away.
      .is nature's second sun.
      .makes loneliness a thing of the past.
      .is never lost.
      .is finding the silver lining in every cloud.
      .is being each other's Guardian Angel.
      .means never having to search for words.
      .keeps on growing.
      .turns winter into spring.
      is forgiving.
      .puts a smile on your face and a song in your heart.
      .means I would do it all over again.
      .fills your night with sweet dreams.
      .is worth waiting for.
      .is a dozen long-stemmed roses.
      .can last a lifetime.

      To me, love is something beyond explaing.... it is something you cannot easily discuss or talk about.... unfortunately, it has become something that is being talked a lot about but not truely felt the way it actually is

      love u all for allowing me to become your sister and friend... and deeply hope that we won't have except love and respect to give each other.....

      $$f $$f $$f
    • Ok dear let we wait one of the lovers. To tell us about this kindly thing. I guess no body will say more then what you wrote here.
      May be somebody well says love is missing or love is suffering life …
      You know this my first time to knew all that in the love, because I didn’t try it deeply.
      If this is the true love why not
      But how can I find my lover :)
    • Give you smile to everyone but give your love to only one
      love is still on our live
      and it is between 2 lowers

      أكتب ما اشعر به وأقول ما أنا مؤمن به انقل هموم المجتمع لتصل الي المسئولين وفي النهاية كلنا نخدم الوطن والمواطن