• really care about you
      you always make me smile
      but when i see you down and sad
      hunney i just wanna see you smile

      i always ask you what's wrong
      but you look away like everythings okay
      i wanna help you in ever way
      just tell me what's wrong and this will be okay

      i'm sitting at home on a friday
      watching t.v and listening to music
      and every sad song reminds me of you
      i wanna see you right now see you proud

      your the guy of my dreams
      please believe me it's all what it seems
      i mean i don't show it all the time
      but your love is just so define.

      Angel, love of my dreams.
      I wonder what I did was right.
      I wonder if I can right this wrong.
      I wonder all the time.
      What can I do to make you happy?
      I wonder sometimes why we’re together.
      I wonder about the times we thought we
      Were through.
      But I found my way back to you.
      I wonder if I would change the past.
      I wonder also that I can never change the past.
      I wonder about the times that pass so fast.
      I wish it would had last.
      I wonder if you are the Angel sent from above.
      I wonder if you are the one.
      I wonder what can I do
      I don’t want to lose you
      But there is one thing I don’t wonder about,
      It’s that,
      It’s makes me happy that I am in love with you!

      You are everything I ever dream and more.
      I hold you in the night and kiss you in the morning;
      And when the day is done I hold you once again.
      I am happy. I am just happy.
      I love you.

      When times are hard,
      and really rough,
      going on a day without being called a retard.

      When no one knows how you feel,
      it hurts so much,
      it seems your heart can't be healed.

      When something wrong happens and you get blamed,
      try not to be ashamed.

      You are who you are,
      and when you feel up in a high slope,
      always remember there is hope.....

      I never thought I would happy
      I thought noone could ever bring that smile to my face again
      The one man who had hurt me the most
      Always knew how to make me smile

      Then I met you
      Something I wasnt expecting
      THe first time you touched me
      The first time you put your arm around me
      I wanted to melt
      I jsut wanted to die right there
      I felt so comfortable
      So scared of what I was doing
      I had butterflies run through my whole body
      But it felt like I belonged where I was

      Laying on the couch with you
      I knew it had to be something
      I barely knew you
      Yet I was so in place
      You kissed my forehead
      Put tingles through my whole body

      Later that night it felt so right
      You kissed me
      Just the way I like
      So sweet, gentle
      Took everything in the world away

      I can't see me with anyone else
      There is no way anyone could put that smile on my face
      Noone would know how to make me laugh
      Noone would try to be there as fast

      I want to thank you for making me the happiest person in the world
      After everything that has happened in my life
      I never thought I would ever be the same
      But you found everything in me
      That smile I never thought I would show again
      You found it
      And I thank you for that.

      You are my soul mate,
      my best friend
      I will always love you until the end
      we may have alot of differences
      We may have alot of rights
      But i know one thing
      I love you with all my might.
      Your eyes bring tears to my eyes
      Because of all the joy and happiness you bring in my life.
      And i'm glad i have an angel like you in my life.
      I just want you to know that i love you so
      And i don't want to ever let you go.
      I wanna hold you all day and night
      I wanna hold you very close and tight!

      One night you will go to sleep
      Thinking what to keep
      Dreaming that you were next
      To the person you love
      Dreaming that you have a
      Nice car and big house
      Dreaming that you were
      married and had 1 child
      Dreaming that you were in
      college and had a good job
      Dreaming that you will stay
      with your love for years and years
      Dreaming that your friends
      Will still be with you
      Dreaming that your family
      Will live with you
      Dreaming that the person you
      Love hugs and kiss you
      Well wake up its time to get Up your dream will come true

      Last night I matched each star with a reason for Loving you ...
      I was doing great until I ran out of stars