Seven secrets to learn English

    • Seven secrets to learn English

      I'm going to tell you every day a secret which will help you to learn English ..;)

      So i hope that you will enjoy these secrets


      Word Stress is golden key number one for speaking and
      understanding English. Word Stress is *very important*.
      You can try to learn about Word Stress. This is one of
      the *best* ways for you to understand spoken English -
      especially English spoken fast.

      What is Word Stress?

      Take 3 words: photograph, photographer and photographic,
      for example. Do they sound the same when spoken? No!
      They sound different, because *one* syllable in each
      word is "stressed" (stronger than the others).




      This happens in ALL words with 2 or more syllables:
      TEACHer, JaPAN, CHINa, aBOVE, converSAtion, INteresting,
      imPORtant, deMAND, etCETera, etCETera, etCETera

      The syllables that are not stressed are 'weak' or
      'small' or 'quiet'. Native speakers of English listen
      for the stressed syllables, not the weak syllables. If
      you use Word Stress in your speech, you will instantly
      and automatically improve your pronunciation and
      your comprehension.

      If you have an English teacher, ask her to help you
      understand Word Stress. Try to hear the stress in words
      each time you listen to English - on the radio, or in
      films for example. Your first step is to *hear* and
      recognise it. After that, you can *use* it!

      See u all

      and wait secret 2 tomorrow

      $$f :) $$f
    • Here we go

      today I'm going to tell you the second secret:o

      Secret #2: SENTENCE STRESS

      Sentence Stress is golden key number two for speaking
      and understanding English. With Sentence Stress, some
      *words* in a sentence are "stressed" (loud) and other
      words are weak (quiet). Look at the following sentence:

      We want to go.

      Do we say every word with the same stress or force? No!
      We make the important words *big* and the unimportant
      words small. What are the important words in this
      sentence? Yes, you're right: WANT and GO.

      We WANT to GO.

      We WANT to GO to WORK.

      We DON'T WANT to GO to WORK.

      We DON'T WANT to GO to WORK at NIGHT.

      It's impossible to explain everything about Sentence
      Stress in this email. The important thing for you is
      that you know it exists and try to learn about it.
      Sentence Stress is *very important*!

      See u all and wait secret 3;)
      $$f :) $$f
    • Secret #3: LISTEN! LISTEN! LISTEN!

      Students sometimes say: 'I don't listen to the BBC news
      on the radio because it's too fast for me and I can't
      understand it.' That's a pity! When it's too fast for
      you, when you can't understand it, that is exactly when
      you NEED to listen to it!!!

      How can you improve if you don't listen and practise?

      When you were a baby, did you understand your own
      language? When you were 3 weeks old, or 2 months, or 1
      year, did you understand everything? Of course not! But
      you *learned* to understand by *listening*. Think about
      it. You learned to understand your own language by
      listening, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After that,
      you learned to speak. Then you learned to read. And then
      you learned to write. *But listening came first!*

      Wait secret 4;)

      See u all
      $$f :) $$f
    • Secret #4: DON'T LISTEN!

      In Secret #3 I said LISTEN! LISTEN! LISTEN! Now I say
      DON'T LISTEN! What do I mean?

      Do you know the difference between the verbs TO LISTEN
      and TO HEAR? TO LISTEN is active. TO HEAR is passive.
      Sometimes you can LISTEN too hard. Sometimes you can TRY
      too hard. Sometimes it is better only to HEAR. Let the
      radio play. Let the cassette play. But DON'T listen.
      Just HEAR. Your subconscious will listen for you. And
      you will still learn. If you listen and try to
      understand, you may block on one word and get
      frustrated. Don't worry! Just HEAR! Believe me, you will
      still be learning. The important thing is to let the
      radio or cassette or television or record PLAY. Let it
      play. And you - you do nothing. Your brain will HEAR,
      your subconscious will LISTEN and you will LEARN!

      See u all and wait secret 5
      $$f :) $$f

      Vocabulary is easy! How many days in a year are there?
      365, normally (on Earth).

      If you learn only 5 new words a day, you will learn 5 x
      365 = 1,825 new words in a year. ONE THOUSAND, EIGHT
      HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FIVE WORDS. That is a lot of new
      words. And we are not counting all the other words you
      will learn in other ways - reading, conversation etc.
      Buy a notebook and write in 5 new words EACH day, EVERY
      day. Learn them! You will soon have an excellent

      In fact, 30 minutes of English study once a day is
      better than 5 *hours* once a week! Study regularly.
      Study often.

      LITTLE + OFTEN is better than LOT + SOMETIMES.

      It's easier, too. You can easily find 30 minutes each
      day. How? You can get up 30 minutes earlier. Or have a
      shorter lunch break. Fix a particular time every day -
      and keep it!

      :p :p :p
    • Secret #7: REVISE! REVISE! REVISE!

      If you revise, you'll improve your learning by 100%.

      What does "to revise" mean? It means "to look again".
      You should be systematic about this. When you learn
      something, you should note it. Then you should *look at
      it again*, 3 times:
      - after 1 day
      - after 1 week
      - after 1 month

      Each time you revise, test yourself.

      Learn, revise, test.
      Revise, test.
      Revise, test.
    • miss spoon,,,,,
      thanks dear for these secrets . they really worth to be read and apply , so that we can improve our english language. but as baroon said we have to practise it in order to improve it and the best way is speaking especially with native speakers if it is possible. i think practising the language even when ur at home ... practising it will help to improve it.
    • ميزة الرد السريع

      Thanks Mis Spoon for these secrets, but here I want to mention my story how I learn English.
      I was studying in a college. The first year was foundation, only English courses,
      I was having a friend. We were going to the college together and we were always trying to speak English.
      I remmber that sometimes the teacher was giving us homeworks, we were not solving these homeworks and sometimes we did not attend the lectures. Actually, we were lazy!!!
      But only we were trying to speak in English. When we take some thing new we were trying to apply to improve our English. a
      Finally, when we take exams me and my frinds were the best students who get the highest marks.
    • ميزة الرد السريع

      Hi everyone.... hope u all are doing fine...

      thanks again miss spoon for your preciouse topic... it was truelly useful....

      baron and land of sorrow.... i agree with you both... and as you said baron learing English from indians is not gonna help even a bit, in fact it's gonna ruin our language.

      i have a suggestion but not pretty sure of how we could work it out and if Dr. Jinni would agree with me or not .... and that is to have a chatting room where we all could have voice conversations only in English..... through which we could have discussions on different issues and topics, ask each other things related to this language such as vocabularies, grammer, phrases, and so on and so forht.... but off course maintaing all the respect that we hold for each other as brothers and sisters here in the sa7a...
      along with that or before we start this idea we gonna have to outline rules and regulations for the good of all.... and so anyone in this dearest sa7ah will be welcomed to enter and participate no matter what their level of English is to encourage all to improve

      since my language is fair enough and so is my speaking and accent i will be the first to step forward and be glad to help anyone.... and um pretty certain that not only the English of whom um gonna try to help improve will improve but mine as well

      we are not gonna discuss this particular idea with Dr. Jinni until i get some agreements from a big number of members.... then we will try to display it once again so everyone could see it .

      may Allah be with us all.

      waiting for your opinions

      so lond everyone
    • Special thank for the writer. And I thank all the readers for following this topic as long time. Wish for all of you the good and nice life.
      Dears and friends shall we talk about something going in Oman by English I think it will be a nice step.
      I want from all of you to start write your won words and topics. Let we forget the copy and paste.

      Endurance your suggestion is very good. Dear there is a chat room in the site look up on the Saha facilities. Facility is available for all users but this chat room only as a typing room. I don’t know if the site boss can add voice chat room. Let me ask him.
    • Thanks alot for all of u who has visited this topic and I agree with all of u in your points and ii's true that we should practice the language if we want to improve it and PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT

      Also Taieb I agree with u in this point but we want somebody to start some ideal topics so we could follow the topic and say our opinion and as i hope that the member of this corner will increase with days because we need other members to share us:p

      See u all and hope to u good time:p :p :p
    • ميزة الرد السريع

      How are Miss Spoon...............
      It seems that you are good enough at the international language, What do you think????????????
      Iam running out of time but going to ask you so many questions in this field,Are you ready.
      I think you are more than a good teacher......
      Anyway. thank you for your good methods of learning English..................
    • Re: ميزة الرد السريع

      الرسالة الأصلية كتبت بواسطة:Imamt Oman
      How are Miss Spoon...............
      It seems that you are good enough at the international language, What do you think????????????
      Iam running out of time but going to ask you so many questions in this field,Are you ready.
      I think you are more than a good teacher......
      Anyway. thank you for your good methods of learning English..................

      imamt Oman thanks alot for your kute replying and I'm just a student want to learn English well and i'm doing my best to improve my language through this alsa7a with the reat of english members and i hope that all of us r going to improve our language to the best and sharing interesting topics that all of us care about it..And I'm so happy to see a new member between us so i hope that i eill see u always ampng us

      take care
      see u all
      $$f :) $$f

    • Dear miss spoon
      Thank u very much for this wonderful subject.
      I find it very useful for me
      I hope to improve my English in the sa7ah . But always I need how encourage me.
      I have problem in my English language????? I can read and understand what you write but I can’t write. I feel is difficult to me to write.
      I always read the subject but I can’t write.
      So I hope u, endurance and Taieb will be our teacher in this say.
      Every I will try to come here and write any thing to practice my language.

    • ميزة الرد السريع

      Dear you are most welcome between your brothers and sisters. Dear, there are many problems the human could face them. So friend don’t be sad or angry if you making mistakes in English just keep trying.. We are also making mistakes. I will try to do the best for you Inshallah but remember I am not English teacher only speaker .
    • Everyone makes mistakes even people whose English is their native language and we should practice everyday to improve our abilities in English..At first, we always feel afraid whenever we want to write about any thing because we are afraid from the mistakes we are going to do..However we should go beyond our fearness and start to write what we feel about it and after that try to review wht we have written ..And by the time our writing will improve..;)

      If u read my topic u will find a plenty of mistakes but I'm trying alot to write what i feel about and later try to correct my mistakes:D

      See u all
      $$f :) $$f
    • الرسالة الأصلية كتبت بواسطة:هيستيريا
      Thank you miss spoon >>>

      And I hope anyone who wants to learn English follow miss spoon’s steps and I grantee, you will improve your language

      With my best wishes

      [TABLE='width:70%;'][CELL='filter: glow(color=red,strength=5);']
      Thanks alot hysteriaa for your nice replying and I'm sure that the background of your english is well

      see u all
    • here is a new lesson to all of u

      It's a pity that English is not phonetic! In some languages,
      you can look at a word and know immediately how to pronounce
      it. But in English you need to be a little more careful.

      Take the letters "ough", for example. They occur in many
      words, but they do not always sound the same.

      1. though (like o in go)

      2. through (like oo in too)

      3. cough (like off in offer)

      4. rough (like uff in suffer)

      5. plough (like ow in flower)

      6. ought (like aw in saw)

      7. borough (like a in above)

      So how do you know the pronunciation of a word? Well,
      fortunately "ough" is an extreme example. English words are
      not always that difficult. But in general, when you learn a
      new word, you should also make sure you know its
      pronunciation. If you do not have a teacher or someone to
      say the word for you, you can look in a dictionary. All good
      dictionaries give the pronunciation for each word, often
      with special symbols. So it's a good idea to look at your
      dictionary carefully and learn the pronunciation symbols.
      After that, you'll always be able to find the pronunciation
      of any word, easily. Try it with the 7 "ough" words above.
    • HI there miss spoon....

      we appritiate your wounderful thoughtfulness about us... and are sure that you are always gonna be the best giver in this particular sa7ah...

      topics as such are definately gonna be useful for all.... and what you said was absolutly right .... we all make mistakes but we should never give up

      it's not easy to make a complete change... yet trying the best and working hard is the path to success

      good luck everyone
    • Here we are friends,

      Today i have a new lesson for u and i hope that u will enjoy it $$e$$e

      There are 7 continents.

      The word "continent" comes from the Latin "terra continens",
      meaning "continuous land".

      Like countries, continents are proper nouns. That means they
      are "names" and the first letter must be a CAPITAL letter.
      Even for the adjective, the first letter is always a capital:

      Continent: Africa
      Adjective: African
      Person: an African

      Continent: Asia
      Adjective: Asian
      Person: an Asian

      Continent: Australia
      Adjective: Australian
      Person: an Australian

      Continent: Europe
      Adjective: European
      Person: a European

      Continent: North America
      Adjective: North American
      Person: a North American

      Continent: South America
      Adjective: South American
      Person: a South American

      Continent: Antarctica
      Adjective: Antarctic
      Person: -

      Isn't it strange? We have a word for somebody who comes from
      the planet Mars (a Martian), but there is no word for
      somebody who comes from Antarctica!

      See u all with anew lesson$$g
    • Hi again

      I returned with something new$$3
      I hope u will like it

      here it's
      A "proverb" is a short, traditional saying in general use.
      It usually expresses some obvious truth or familiar
      experience. There are proverbs in all languages. Here are
      7 proverbs that are well known in English.


      "You can't tell a book by its cover."

      We need to read a book to know if it's good or bad. We
      cannot know what it's like just by looking at the front or
      back cover. This proverb is applied to everything, not only


      "Where there's a will there's a way."

      If we have the determination (the will) to do something, we
      can always find the path or method to do it.


      "Don't cross your bridges before you come to them."

      Don't worry about problems before they arrive.


      "It was the last straw that broke the camel's back."

      There is a limit to everything. We can load the camel with
      lots of straw, but finally it will be too much and the
      camel's back will break. And it is only a single straw that
      breaks its back - the last straw. This can be applied to
      many things in life. People often say "That's the last
      straw!" when they will not accept any more of something.


      "Bad news travels fast."

      "Bad news" means news about "bad" things like accidents,
      death, illness etc. People tend to tell this type of news
      quickly. But "good news" (passing an exam, winning some
      money, getting a job etc) travels more slowly.


      "You can't take it with you when you die."

      When we die we leave everything on earth. We don't take
      anything with us. Even the richest people cannot take their
      money with them after death. This proverb reminds us that
      some material things are not really so valuable as we think.


      "Still waters run deep."

      Some rivers have rough surfaces with waves. That's usually
      because the water is shallow and there are rocks near the
      surface. But deep rivers have no rocks near the surface and
      the water is smooth and still. This proverb means that
      people who are calm and quiet on the outside, often have
      a strong, "deep" personality inside.