Nokia Operator Logo Uploader

    • Nokia Operator Logo Uploader

      Send operator-logo as SMS to anybody worldwide from your PC (with Data Suite)
      Receive Sending Status Report *
      Direct upload via IR from your PC to 61xx, also with Windows NT!
      Choose destination number from your phone's phonebook *
      Save and load phonebook on local harddisk for later use *
      Store logo as SMS to your phone for later sending *
      Different built-in phone-designs for preview
      Can read your custom phone-design as background-picture
      Knows 264 operators worldwide
      Own file-format (.NOL) and registered own filetype
      Supports a default logo for every operator for quick access
      Load / save graphics in Group-Graphic Editor file-format (.NGG)
      Drag and drop or double-click in explorer or click in browser for loading
      Import various formats (.BMP/.GIF/.JPG/.ICO/.RLE/.WMF/.EMF/.I61) *
      Test COM-port for Data Suite compatibility
      Read SMS-Center Number from phone
      Remembers last used destination number and files
      Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0 compatible download