The most important thing in the English language..

    • The most important thing in the English language..

      How are you all members and participants. As you know ny fellows thatwhen you want to learn any language I am sure that you will ask first about words.For instance,If you want just to know about Frenh, you may ask anybody or you may read a small book about it .Then you may pick up daily words such as merci, ca va, et ,combian ca cout and so on..............Do you know why, just to show that you are willing to learn that language.
      And be sure that you are not going ti ask about grammer , writing,reading at first but you may ask about them later on.Do you agree with me.

      Besides that, notice a new born child when he or she starts talking and spelling simple words. She or he starts speaking what he has been listening through out his early age and then when he grows up , enters a gendergarden or a school, he is going to learn the other skills.
      As you can notice in any languge it happens as well with English language.My point of view,That vocabulary is the most important thing that aperson needs while he is using the language ,othrwise he may expresses his feeling as he is explaining the lesson. Have you got my idea, I hope that and expect so.
      All in all, My demand is to share the most important English vocabulary that you thing that we need to improve our English and to make the language more intersting and attractive especially for those people who are not even willint to hear this language.....................
      As I trust you I expect from you what I haven't Expected..............

    • thankuuuu Imamt oman :)
      u r right that we r need more vocabulary to communicate with other and
      we sometimes learn grammar from listening to other like movie or cartoon or book story
      and sometimes we learn from other people talking
      but the most important thing in the English language is vocabulary.thankuu
      ameerah :)