I'm Sorry

    • This Poem was written mid of this month..
      you are welcome to post your comments..

      I'm Sorry

      All these days that has passed
      Thinking about all what I have done

      Thought i was all the way right
      To find out that I have not won

      Pain and sorrow, I caused your heart
      Guess at that time, my mind was gone

      I hated myself the other night
      deep down inside me, I knew it's wrong

      But hurting my love's heart,
      Was the biggest mistake I've ever done

      If there's something amazing I was tought,
      I'd undo everything and just have fun...

      I'm sorry deep from my heart!!!

    • Aida
      No need to say sorry because there is No sorries between any loveres
      If he or she love you of course will forgive you...
      from your words i can see there was some think can never ever forgetten
      كيف لقلمي أن يهمس لسواكِ و القلب قد خلا إلا منكِ .. ]
      كيف أكتب عن سواكِ و العين لا ترى غيركِ ... ]
      كيف لا أفكر فيكِ و الذهن لا يشغله غيركِ .. ]
      كيف لا أشتاق إليكِ و انا كلي حنين إليكِ .. ]
    • Dear eshme3na int..
      you are saying that there is not nothing called apology between us and those we love, but i disagree..

      I strongly believe that no matter how much we love someone, if there is a mistake was done, then there must be an apology.. its not to seek forgiveness.. its about the idea that a person do feel good when he/she hear that apology coz it indicates that the person do care about him/her and trying not to upset them..

      if i didnt a mistake to my friend who i really love her so much, then i would certainly apologize, even if im sure that she would forgive me..

      but sometimes there are mistakes that we all regret for and wish to undo them.. and yet cannot be forgotten..

      thanks for your comments so much, and hope you dont take any heart feelings, its just a difference of point of views :)

    • Good job Aida.... wishing you furthter success ishallah

      allow me to add my opinion regarding feeling sorry and appologies,,,

      well i belive there is nothing wrong in feeling sorry about our mistakes and the faults that we have caused any time n our lives

      we are humens created to learn to become better and without commiting mistaks there will never be a complete success.... it's natural

      humens we shouldn't call are the people who deny thier crimes and faults... and take confessing and admiting neutrally as if it's ok....

      a person who's got manners and respect towards own self and others would care to admit mistakes and try not to repeat them

      feeling sorry is ne of the great feelings that we should consider

      so long
    • Aida …

      First, I want to say what a pulchritudinous words you wrote it is really one of the best words I ever red.

      Secondly I believe to be sorry is good because you confess you done something wrong to your love's but I think the word sorry isn't enough to let your love's feel better I think you should do something more than being sorry.

      Good luck on your relationship.
    • Aida,
      I can't describe the beauty of ur poem and I was a bit astonished to read your poem and I said inside my mind how wonderful that we have here a poet between us. I really liked your poem because it has innocent feelings..About your feelings..And I'm sure when you wrote this poem you wrote by your heart not by your thought. And could you please tell me what was the occasion of this poem when u wrote if u don't mind..

      We are waiting more from u
      Good luck
    • Dear sister Aida $

      reading your poem all over again.... i got a clearer understanding of what you wanted to convy..... in other words what you realy ment.....

      here allow me to say that the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

      well, you have given your true love to that someone who didn't appritiate it ... therefore you felt sorry for yourself because you wasted your time loving who didn't desrve instead of enjoying yourself with other more important things....

      Dear... take this from me: Make it a rule of life never to regret and never to look back. Regret is an appalling waste of energy; you
      can't build on it;it's only good for wallowing in.$$9

      NB: we havn't seen you for so long.. hope to see around again with new posts and beautiful ideas and contributions

      your sister