my god 42% not too bad thought ..right

    • my god 42% not too bad thought ..right



      This is a small test to see how bad you are. Get a paper and a pen .you will need them.


      Answer the following questions with “YES” or “NO”.

      For every “YES” add 2 points on the paper. The questions are 50. That means that if you had all of them, as yes then you will be 100 % bad. After you find the score send the e-mail to all your friends and for the person that send it to you, and as a subject write down the score you got. Remember, don’t leave the subject my own score. Write down your score.It is that simple and that easy. Whats nice about it is that there are 50 questions so no body will know what u answered as yes J.Please type your score in the place were you write the subject of an e-mail.Dont leave it as 36%.

      Here are the questions:

      Have you ever:



      3:Betrayed a friend?

      4:Smoked a cigarette?

      5:Smoked a cigar?

      6:Smoked weed?


      8:Cheat in a test?

      9:Cheated someone?

      10:Used someone?

      11:Ran away from skool?

      12:Played sick to skip skool?

      13:Said the “F” word ?

      14:Done the “F”sign with your finger?

      15:Said the word “Shit”?

      16:Played Poker?

      !7:Gambled on something?

      18:Hit somebody?

      19:Destroy your class or skool in a way?

      20: Shouted in someone’s face?

      21:Told someone you hated him/her?

      22:Ignored someone?

      23:Made fun of someone?

      24:Hurted a pet or an animal?

      25:Made any sexual behavior?

      26:Told a secret of your friend?

      27:Painted the public walls with spray paint?

      28:Made a fire in a garbage can in the street?

      29:Broke the glass or headlights of a car?

      30:Gave the owner of a restaurant a hard time?

      31:Raised your voice on your Mom?

      32:Raised your voice on your Dad?

      33:Raised your voice on your teacher?

      34:Disobeyed your Mom?

      35:Disobeyed your Dad?

      36:Disobeyed your teacher?

      37:Ran away from home?

      38:Tried to kill yourself?

      39:Tried to kill someone else?

      40:Used your computer for bad things?

      41:Used the TV to watch bad things?

      42:Watched “over 18 years “ MOVIES?

      43:Taped these “R” rated movies?

      44:Used your money to buy these kinds of movies?

      45:Seen bad pictures?

      46:Buy or sell these bad pictures?

      47:Said a bad word to a family member?

      48:Hated or cursed the country u were born in?

      49:Blamed or cursed “life”?

      50:Blamed or Cursed God or religion?

      Now that you have answered the questions add your points and type the answer as the subject of this e-mail and send it to all ur frends aswell as the person that send it to you. Remember that no one will know what u answered so don’t get shy from sending it to your friends.

      Ps : These questions were meant to be bad because this test is to see how bad you are.;) ..And don’t worry if you were too bad….you can fix your self and your actions. After all…no body is perfect in this World.