vote... marrige or study

    • vote... marrige or study

      just i wana hera ur
      vote what u prefer
      marrige or to continue study in college or university
      some of them they like to engage before end of the season of study and they marry after word
      and some of them they dont like to relate in peroid of study
      first they cant study and they cant constreat
      in life and they dont have professional in real life
      specially in age of 16 to 25

      and some time the parent involve in deciding
      life for them boys and girls
      what is the reason

      i think the man can not afford and also cant not keep his mind
      between study and engage with his love or girl or fainces
      and the mean thing why the parent insist to do married
      to them boys or girls from same family
      like cousin or nephiew

      its nessecry or its just a charcters of family

      i face and i heard alot of story of married and engag

      and i surpries when i saw and hear by my eyes
      and by my ear

      any way about me im already confrim my girl and im still study in my college

      and i hope to get more and understand alot of thing about life and marride
      and every thing
      so what about u
      and what is ur vote or what do u think
    • Why not let me say my opinion about this.
      If I say about my self I’m working right now and I can marriage if I want but I didn’t find my wife or lover girl yet. So I favor to continue my studies to get high degree and be more successful in my job. Also I think the age for marry is not yet completed I’m still at 25 years old let say may be at 28 or above I will marry. This is my opinion about the marriage.
      So my vote is, the study then marry
    • Dream boy,
      Thanks for this topic and we usually discuss it a lot life weather to marry during your studies or after u graduated……

      Well From my point of view, I prefer to complete my studies and later I can think about my future that I'm going to build it up with my partner in my life.And it's better for me to do that because I can think deeply and clearly about that and nothing will distract my mind..But if I engaged while I'm studying it will so difficult to me and I will have a lot of pressure and I think the pressure of studies is enough for me..

      Well, that's my opinion about this topic…
    • Hi everyone

      Franckly..... i am a kind of person who loves studying and use any chance at hand to continue her education..... specially that um not married neither engaged yet.....

      though i think when it's time for me to get married i would prefere to stop it and learn more about life itself... to be able to give my family the care and attention they would need .....

      well, it's one of my humble dreams to make a simple family and give it the love and care that i would have for them without anyone interfering in that with me.....

      so it's kindda difficult to decide about that right now... because um engaged to my studies for the time being.... but when Mr. someone arrives i'll decide on that then

      so long