• WHAT IS T68 ????

      T68 is the first GSM Mobile phone with a colour display and imaging capabilities. A single key lets you navigate the new and unique T68 graphic interface. T68 has GPRS for fast mobile Internet, e-mail, EMS to add pictures and audio to your text messages, and Bluetooth wireless technology for cablefree comfort..

      T68 has it all. Bluetooth wireless technology that connects it to other devices without cables, GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) for instant and high speed mobile Internet access, a 256 colour display, and the latest and most advanced messaging application – MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service).

      Launch: 101x48x19,5
      Fourth Quarter 2001


      Large 256 Colour display
      Joystick navigation

      Image handling Press release
      Enhanced Messaging service-EMS
      Multimedia Messaging Service-MMS

      WAP 1.2.1
      TRI band

      Calendar and organiser functions
      Predictive text input


      MMS is a universally accepted standard that lets the T68 user send messages from a mobile phone with formatted text, high quality images, animation and audio – a very exciting prospect for messaging enthusiasts. The images can be digital photos taken on the spot and sent in realtime to the Web or another mobile phone with MMS. Sending messages, digital images and audio will add a new and exciting dimension to messaging.


      General Packet Radio Service
      A packet-linked technology that enables high-speed (115 kilobit per second) wireless Internet and other data communications. GPRS will offer a tenfold increase in data throughput rates, from 9.6kbit/s to 115kbit/s. Using a packet data service, subscribers are always connected and always on line so services will be easy and quick to access.


      Bluetooth wireless technology
      Bluetooth short-range radio technology, developed by Ericsson and others, makes it possible to transmit signals over short distances between phones, computers and other devices.

      Bluetooth wireless technology will simplify both communication and synchronization between devices. The technology will replace many of the proprietary cables we use in the home and office to connect devices together: Telephones, printers, PDA's, desktop and laptop computers, fax machines, keyboards, joysticks - almost any digital device that uses the Bluetooth wireless technology chip will be able to take advantage of the technology


      PIC OF T68