my favourit movie

    • my favourit movie

      its the best to learn english not alwayes
      some times
      cauz the language its base in uk or amrican
      and when u watching movies u will learn a words
      new and old
      and u will learn the speach how to talk
      but i loved the movies since i was young
      starting from true story and wars movies and romance stories
      plus comdian
      i have seen this year 4 best movies that still
      stuck in my head
      cauz its playing by nocking of my heart
      first movie was named by " beautifull mind" and
      secondly movie of :the others" and thirdly
      "the 6 th sence' and forth is
      the new latest movie" the signs" and
      when u watching those movies u got inspiration and fear
      and tears but its desearve to see it
      the movie doesnt include sexuality
      but its forms from imagaintion and romance and every thing
      but u will not except what is goona happend at last
      here is the pic of the movie

      1- signs for actor mil gipson

      2-the othersfor nicol kidman

      3-A Beautiful Mind for russel crow

      4-the 6th sence

      for more information about reading the movie here its
    • True....

      Watching movies or any other favorite kinds of English programs is only one way to learning English..... that doesn't only improve your vocabulary, grammar, or understanding the language but also your accent through careful listening and practising, which most of us tend to ignore or think of it as to be the last priority..!!!

      By the way ( A Beautiful Mind) is treully a wounderful movie.... i myself watched it in a theater when it was newly released in the US after it was recommended by one of my profesors in a class of psychiatry.... that was to gain a better understanding of what the psychological disease known as schezophrenia is all about.

      The movie was a true story of a genius in mathematics called Jhon Nash who suffered this disease but also was able to continue with what he always was remarkable at until he won a noble prize in 1994

      Again it's a wounderful movie that's worth watching
      Enjoy it in case you get a chance to watch it everyone.....

      so long
    • but no one can deniy that A Beautiful Mind was a g8 movie last year
      they had win oscar in best movie and director but
      i thought that russl crow is goona to win his nominate in best oscar but its goes to some 1 ealse

      true story always was a good all the time
      specialy the leatest movie which i had saw in cinema before 3 dayes by mel geapson movie""signs"" its desver to see it
      plus the movie of nickol kidman was hit of her list movie
      hopefully to see more based story about chemistry teacher as kevin nash