Hacker Special : How to use google to hack

    • Hacker Special : How to use google to hack

      Hacker Special : How to use google to hack the hell out of ur wits

      Visitors to other pages, say that they have searched Google, but were unable to find what they were looking for. This could be for a countless number of reasons. Perhaps there were like 999,999 things found, and no one has time to go through every single page to find what they are looking for; or, perhaps they just don't understand how to use Google. You could just go to Google, type in something, and go through a billion pages to find something; or u could narrow your search down to just a few pages, and find something a lot faster.

      A lot of people don't know that even things like Google can be a big help while hacking. They have many things that have helped me find exploits in the past. I'm going to discuss, briefly, a few things that will help you use Google, and help you be a little bit more elite at this stuff they call hacking

      First off, don't use this to do any harm, just read it for knowledge, and to help you on your endeavour as a hacker.

      yahoo * com
      This will search for any file that has "yahoo" coming before "com". Useful if you can't remember the name of something, but you remember like 3 words from it. Searching: Massachusetts * Of Technology .. will come up with Massachusetts Institute of Technology..oh that was it!! Institute! ... Well, personally, I never use this, I don't need it, but they say it works.

      Okay, that's probably the only one I don't use. The rest of the things I'll tell you, I do use. Here is one that might not help you with hacking really, but it might. Type in the following: link:yourname.yourserver.com
      What happens? It comes up with a list of pages that are linking to your site! hehe..cool huh? ... I guess. Hasn't helped me with hacking, but I like using it.

      The next two are two that I use often, and sometimes together when I'm trying to hack LoL.

      stuff site:yahoo.com
      Searches yahoo.com for what you enter for "stuff". This helps find many things. Like, if there is a site that has a BUNCH of documents, and you are looking for one you remember reading by some guy named goodboyom@yahoo.com , you could search for his email address on yahoo.com, and see what comes up.

      Before I mention the next one, I'm going to throw in a extra tip. If you search google for goodboyom@yahoo.com, it will give you ALL documents that have webmaster, yahoo and com in them somewhere. Now, does this help you if you are searching for files with this guy's email address. No, it won't help, but you can put "goodboyom@yahoo.com" and it'll search for ONLY what's in the quotes...Helps a lot when narrowing down searches. Also, if you are wanting to search for a document that has multiple things, like the email address goodboyom@yahoo.com, and the text LOD, you could put "goodboyom@yahoo.com" + "LOD". Also, if you wanted one or the other, you could put "goodboyom@yahoo.com" OR "LOD" ... you have to capitalize OR for it to work.

      Okay, I'll go on to the last one, I use this one the most.

      search term filetype:txt
      Change txt to any number of filetypes (not all work), and search for documents that are in that extention! You have to enter a search term also. Want to find a text file written by revelation? Search google for "good@yahoo" filetype:txt
      That will show you a few things..Neat huh?

      Now, that isn't it. You can use them together! Lets say you want to get a list of text files on antionline.com, you could do the following, without any search terms, and it will work!
      site:yahoo.com filetype:txt
      Yes, it'll come up with a list of txt files on yahoo.com.

      Here is a way this helps u.Think about it like this, some sites have administration utilities in perl files. Lets say you know that yahoo.com updates it's site by going to sitemanager.pl, you could find that file with the following:
      sitemanager site:yahoo.com filetypel
      It'll come up! But, yahoo.com doesn't use that obviously, so don't try. You could take away the search term, and see if yahoo.com has any perl files though, interesting.

      Oh yeah, before I forget, you can search google for things like "Index of /admin" and stuff will come up. There are many other things you could search for, but index fo /admin in quotes can help you a lot, good boy wch u good luck...[/ALIGN