English proverbs and common mistakes in english

    • English proverbs and common mistakes in english

      hi boys and girls
      uncle maistre is back
      well today i am here to give u some useful information insted of the crap i post all the time
      well today i am not gona post a topic
      but insted i ll show u some common mistakes made in english , especially with new learners
      1/dont say : the man was absorbed at his work
      say: the man was absorbed in his work
      2/ dont say: he accused the man for stealing
      say: he accused the man of stealing

      3/ dont say:i am accustomed with hot weather
      say: i am accustomed to hot weather
      4/ dont say : the girl is afraid from the dog
      say: the girl is afraid of the dog
      5/dont say : he aimed on (or against) the bird
      say: he aimed at the bird

      i gus five is enough for today
      i ll post more tomorow inshallah
      heres todays proverb

      Absence makes the heart grow fonder

      thank u all for taking the time to read

      urs maistre|a
    • thank u brother for this useful subject
      wating for another five from u
      good luck
      أكتب ما اشعر به وأقول ما أنا مؤمن به انقل هموم المجتمع لتصل الي المسئولين وفي النهاية كلنا نخدم الوطن والمواطن
    • Common english mistakes and proverbs

      |ahi boys and girls
      uncle maistre is back
      today i have another 5 common mistakes
      so sit tight and fasten ur seat belts and get ready for action

      1/ dont say : the teacher was angry against him
      say: the teacher was angry with him

      2/dont say :they are anxious for his health
      say:they are anxious bout his health

      3/dont say :we arrived to the village at night
      say: we arrived at the village at night

      4/ dont say : he is now ashamed from his conduct
      say : he is now ashamed of his conduct

      5/ dont say : christians believe to jesus christ
      say: christians believe in jesus christ

      well boys and girls here's ur five daily " common mistakes"

      today i am gona give out not only one proverb but three

      1/accidents will happen in the best regulated families

      2/actions speak louder than words

      3/ guns dont kill people , people kill people "DMX"

      well i did my part by pasing to u the information ur part is to read and learn
      tata for now
    • common mistakes in english

      salam 3alekom
      uncle maistre is back with today's common mistakes and english proverbs

      1/ dont say :she has benefited from the change
      say: she has benefited by the change

      2/dont say :he boasted for his riches
      say: he boasted of (or about)his riches

      3/dont say he is very careful for his health
      say:he is very careful of his health

      4/dont say : he came with the train yesterday
      say: he came by train yesterday

      5/dont say : many people complain for the heat
      say:many people complain of the heat

      6/dont say : our class is composed from thirty boys
      say; our class is composed of thirty boys

      7/dont say : i have great confidence to him
      say: i have great confidence in him

      8/ dont say : we must conform with the rules
      say; we must conform to the rules

      9/ dont say: i congratulate u for your success
      say; i congratulate you on your success

      10/ dont say : A year consists from twelve months
      say;A year consists of twelve months

      i have increased the number of examples as per the request of some of

      here r today's proverbs

      1/advice when most needed is least heeded
      2/ after a storm comes a calm
      3/ all are not thieves that dogs bark at
      4/all cats are grey in the dark
      5/ all good things come to an end

      by the way if any of u need explanations for the proverbs i am more then happy to post is

      catch u all laterz
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      thank u sooo much for ur co-operation and helping me out

      heres todays common mistakes

      1/ dont say; the mountains are covered by snow
      say: the mountains are covered with snow

      2/dont say ; the man was cured from his illness
      say: the man was cured of his illness

      3/ dont say: it depends from him self
      say: it depends on (or upon)him self

      4/ dont say: he was deprived from the freedom
      say: he was deprived of his freedom

      5/dont say : many people have died from malaria
      say: many people have died of malaria

      6: dont say: my book is different then yours
      say: my book is different from yours

      7/dont say: i was disapointed from his work
      say: i was disapointed in his work

      8/dont say : i divided the cake in four parts
      say: i divided the cake into four parts

      9/dont say : i have no doubt for his ability
      say: i have no doubt of (or about)his ability

      10/dont say the women was dressed with black
      say : the women was dressed in black

      here is todays proverbs

      1/ All lay loads on a willing horse

      2/All roads lead to rome

      3/ All that glitters is not gold

      4/ All things are difficult before they are easy

      5/ All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

      c ya next tommorow

      uncle maistre|a
    • uncle maistre is back

      salam 3alekom brothers and sisters

      abla endurance where r u
      u didnt replay wether u r gona help me in puting all the common mistakes under one topic
      plz let me know soon
      or teach me and i ll do it by my self

      heres today 's common mistakes

      1/ dont say : this is an exception of the rule
      say: this is an exception to the rule

      2/ dont say:they exchanged wheat by machinery
      say: they exchanged wheat for machinery

      3/dont say: he failed from mathematics last year
      say: he failed in mathematics last year

      4/dont say: the jar was full with(or from) oil
      say: the jar was full of oil

      5/dont say: i shall be glad to get rid from him
      say: i shall be glad to get rid of him

      6/dont say: i am glad from (or with) the news
      say: i am glad of (or about )the news

      7/dont say : my brother is good in mathematics
      say : my brother is good at mathematics

      8/ dont say : you must guard from bad habits
      say: you must guard against bad habits

      9/dont say: he was found guilty for murder
      say: he was found guilty of murder

      10/dont say : he is independent from his parents
      say: he is independent of his parents

      heres todays proverbs

      1/ any port is a storm
      2/appearances are deceptive
      3/The apples on the other side of the wall are the sweetest
      4/Art is long , life is short
      5/As well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb

      i hope u all like todays proverbs
      and in case any one doest understand the meaning of the proverb just let me know
      and i ll be more than happy to explain it to u

      uncle maistre|a
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      i'll gather all your contributions related to the same topic together in one page so they look more neat and organized and then tell me how you feel about it.... deal?!! #d

      so long everyone|e
    • common mistakes and english proverbs

      salam 3alekom every one
      sorry for not posting for the last 2 days i was a bit busy with my studies , as u know i am doing charted accounting and i hav to put alot of work and time in my studies
      but i also have to keep my promiss by posting every day so that all of u benefit
      i wish u all happiness and success

      heres todays mistakes

      1/dont say: they are indifferent for politics
      say: they are indifferent to politics

      2/ dont say: he always insisted to his opinion
      say: he always insisted on his opinion

      3/dont say: she is not interested for her work
      say: she is not interested in her work

      4/dont say : he is very jealous from his brother
      say: he is very jealous of his brother

      5/dontsay: they are leaving to england soon
      say: they are leaving for england soon

      6/dont say: he lives from his brother's money
      say: he lives on his brother's money

      7/dont say : look to this beautiful picture
      say: look at this beautiful picture

      8/dont say : she was married with a rich man.
      say: she was married to a rich man

      9/dont say: their house is opposite from ours
      say:their house is opposite to ours

      10/dont say: will you pass from the post office?
      say: will you pass by the post-office?

      11/dont say: he plays regularly with that team
      say: he plays regularly for that team

      12/dont say: the teacher is pleased from me
      say:the teacher is pleased with me

      13/dont say: john is popular among his friends
      say: john is popular with his friends

      14/ dont say: i prefer a blue pen from a red one
      say: i prefer a blue pen to a red one

      15/ dont say :who presided in the last meeting?
      say: who presided at the last meeting

      16/dont say: he is very proud for his promotion
      say; he is very proud of his promotion

      17/dont say:we rejoiced for his success
      say: we rejoiced at (or in) his success

      18/dont say :are you related with him in any way?
      say" are you related to him in any way?

      19/dont say: he repented from his wrongdoing
      say: he repented of his wrongdoing

      20/dont say: are you satisfied from your marks?
      say: are you satisfied with your marks?

      heres todays proverbs

      1/As you make your bed, so you must lie in it

      2/ As you sow , so shall you reap

      3/Ask no questions and be told no lies

      4/Avoid a questioner,for he is also a tattler

      5/Bad news travel fast

      well i guss thats all for today
      have a nice day
      ur bro

      uncle maistre|a
    • new common mistakes

      salam 3alekom brothers and sisters|a
      how r u all today
      here's today's common mistakes

      1/ dont say:your book is not similar with mine
      say: your book is not similar to mine

      2/dont say :the teacher often sits on his desk
      say:the teacher often sits at his desk

      3/dont say:i spend alot of time for my stamps
      say:i spend a lot of time on my stamps

      4/dont say :i hope he will succeed at his work
      say: i hope he will succeed in his work

      5/dont say:this is superior from(or than)that
      say:this is superior to that

      6/dont say:i am quite sure for his honesty
      say:i am quite sure of his honesty

      7/dont say:we were surprised for his failure
      say:we were surprised at his failure

      8/dont say:i suspect him for stealing the pen
      say: i suspect him of stealing the pen

      9/dont say:he took his brother from the hand
      say:he took his brother by the hand

      10/dont say:the man tied the horse on a tree
      say: the man tied the horse to a tree

      here's todays proverbs

      1/A bad penny always comes back
      2/A bad shearer never had a good sickle
      3/a bad workman always blames his tools
      4/ the bait hides the hook
      5/barking dogs seldom bite

      ok guys and girls
      this is for today
      i ll roll out
      uncle maistre