problem with windows2000

    • problem with windows2000

      salam alekum all :
      how is everyone doin am a new member here in this sablah i just need some help from u guys if u could help me , i will be very pro is that have 2 pcs one is runing windows98 and the otherone is runing windows2000,i wanna make file sharing between them by parellel cable i dont want to use anyother programme like laplink or pc anywhere so,i set up the win98 as a guest and,but 4 win200 how do i set it up as host what r the steps of doin that for your information i have already installed all the protocols for both pc .
      thank u 4 your co-operation
    • It's a common problem trying to connect to different platforms through parallel port as the first one is based on nt system and they both mass up the protocols once u try to connect and u get errors but as they say nothing is impossible this software does it for u with no errors try it and it will solve ur problem :)

      File van 4.0

      c yaaa

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