Something to discuss?

    • Something to discuss?

      why are SQU students not that good in english???????
      maybe you've observed that alot of graduates from SQU are lacking skill in speaking english , the question is why is that ?!!!

      these ideas represent my point of veiw only :
      i think are not practicing it or maybe they are not having enough english courses that enable them to speak it fluently ... nowadays the problem has become worse because the university has brought indians to teach english instead of native speakers ...
      so what do you think about this problem and what do you suggest in order to slove this problem ....

    • You r right in this point that this topic needs to be discussed because it's an important isuue

      Well i think the problem not in the doctors or the course that the university plans to each major..But the problem is in the students
      and that depends in the students if they really want to iprove their language..Also it's not enough to attend the lectures and depend on the teacher's explanation..Students should concentrate alot in their limitation and try to solve them so it would help them in learning..Also their is another point"Practice makes Perfect"

      These 3 words are so encourageable and actually it gives me a motivation to practice alot to make my english perfect so i hope that u get my point$$e
    • غير الزامي

      Well, dear Ayyam, before I go any further, let me ask this, Are they supposed to speak Englidh? Are they their to learn English.
      As far as I know some of them are there to learn english , but not all. Engineering students, for example, are supposed to learn engineering, to have engineering minds, to analyze, to solve, to design all engineering related subjects.
      And why English, 90% of the graduates in the arab world have little knowledge of english and SQU is not an exception.
      If you think they should do at SQU then send them all to England or USA espicially as you are making it difficult for them, in other words, you want them to speak english (fluently) as if they were British or Americans.
      No dear, I would be great to speak another language but you should keep your accent, I would be pleased to see you speak english and still could tell that you are Omani.....
      you propose to kick all non-english teachers and lecturers ... what a solution?! You propably forgot that Omanis are non-british too. I would think as long as I do understand the other side accent then that would be more than enough.
      I do agree with miss spoon to some extent, and remind you that learning another language, say english, is an option and a talent if you live in a country that speaks a language other than english, Iam not saying we should not learn or speak english but we should remember that we need to like and love what we are learning, we cannot be forced to learn it.....
      Well I know i write a lot sometimes, and i know iam a kind of bragger but iam sure you would as every body here would excuse me and there would be more and more duscussion to this subject.
      I would thank you both Qaswat AlAyyam and Miss Spoon and would like you to remember thet الاختلاف بالرأي لا يفسد للود قضية
      ٍSee you soon
    • thank you brother for posting this topic ....
      i would like to say that there are some students in this university who dunno how to speak and even dunno how to write this language ....
      and these student are from specific colleges such as Arts and education colleges only ....
      but if you go to science,medicine,engineering colleges you will find that everybody are very strong in this language ....
      i think you faced some students from Arts or other colleges that dont use english language in its syllabus .....
      thank you
    • Hi everyone

      I think that professors and the facculty in the universities or whatever kindda schools you guys are talking about are not there to teach students English if they are not there to teach English... right?!!!!.....$$t
      Even though learning and teaching is in English..... yet, i belive that learning the language is the students responsibilty on the first hand.....

      you wanna improve your English?!!! practice, practice and practice.... keep on practicing.... set goals for yourself, develope ways and skills that would help you learn better.... and just try to be seriouse on it

      keep in mind: when there is a will there is a way;)

      so long|e
    • Miss Spoon
      I agree with you that in order to be good in English we need to practice it .. but I think also there is a problem .. I meant what encourage a student to keep learning English ..maybe this student have the intention to learn in English but nobody encourage him or her .. and especially if he or she are specialist in other major than English .. I meant engineering students or any scientific college’s student don’t have a time to just keep learning.. so I guess they should practice it wherever they go in SQU .. not only practice it during the lectures’ time .. and about doctors .. I meant by this point that .. Indian teacher have bad accent in speaking English .. so that we affect the student and their accent ..

      Mr. Qahwah.

      I have nothing to say about what you’ve said .. just I don’t agree with you that engineering students and the other scientific colleges’ students are not supposed to learn English .. as I know and everybody knows that English language is the international language and it is needed everywhere and every times .. so I guess they should keep learning it .. at least not learning but they should know how to make conversation with others .. otherwise their years which they’ve spent in SQU in studying ,whatever it was, was just a waste of time .. I hope you will get my point very clear …
      Mr. Einstein :
      I know students who are in non-scientific college are not good in English . which is not problem .. but the problem with the scientific colleges’ students .. I guess they should know at least how to make conversation and speak English with other ..

      Mr. endurance :
      Yeah practice is the best way .. but how and where if they face difficulties in doing that … and some of them or I believe most of them are shy in speaking English .. I meant they don’t want to do any mistake in speaking English so they prefer not to talk at all ..

      Finally, thanx for everybody … and I hope to continue this discussion
    • where does the problem start!!!

      i dont really know the level of english the students at SQU learn or practice which could make quite unqualified to write about this topic. However, i really do think that the real problem starts from the begining. which by all means in this case the begining of education concerning these students. if at the start of their education they never actually were tought english till they've reached the 4th or the 5th grade, then what should we really expect from them. Moreover, even when they were set to learn english at a certain level i greatly believe that nor the methods or cercumctances provided were to the apropriate extent. So, when they finish hi school and join the university its like these students were never tought english in the first place. So, you can't really blame nor the students or the teachers. However, this doesnt mean that they reliefed from the responsiblity. Both the students and the teachers are obliged to do their very best in order to really achieve a good progress. And to be more precise i really think that the greater responsiblity should be taken by the students themselves. They should practice speaking and learnnig english as much as they really can. Its no good to just depend on what they get in the lectures and hope that their english will improve on its own, such thing will never happen. This is why they should try differnt methods to improve their langauge. They should speak english amoung themselves where possible, one possible motive is that their studies are in english. Also, they should try to read in english as often as they can, this would help them grap different vocabulary and improve their reading skills. Another thing that students can do is to practice writing different types of essays to develop their writing skills. Listening to Radio programms and watching television programms could also by all means be of great value. There hundreds of methods that can be used that i dont know even half of them. if students would really like to improve their english, they would search for these methods and try hard to put them into practice!!|a:D
    • Thanks my brother for the interesting topic.
      I believe this problem happened because and only because some of these students are not interesting or motivated to learn English. Also we can’t compare the people who graduated from SQU and who are coming from westerns universities, cause the student in western countries are forced to learn English to communicate with the other.
    • Salam Alaikum Warahmu Allah Wabarakatuh,

      It's a very good topic to discuss, well if you take a look into the university students themselves, you'll find most of them are from inside of Oman i mean interior cities and there are very likley to speak English and nobody at home to teach them or to practice speaking and at the end they are barely passes the English exam plus those good marks in other subjects entitels him to join the university and there they get the delema of communicate in English, even sometimes you can find the English teacher himself from that place only and his English pronounciation is not that much good which in turn effects the student and the way he speaks. By the way I know a person who had almost in all he subjects 98% and the only thing that he failed in the English exam.

      This is only my point of view and I don't know about you guys.
    • Hei guys.... how's everyone doing? hope good inshallah

      well yes there are a lot of reasons for one not to have a good level of English ( am talking general) and there might have been a number of obsticles too such as some of what you guys have mentioned ..... some of which we could change or control, though for some maybe we can't....... yet belive me practice makes a great deal of difference.

      speaking of myself as for an instance, practice is what is helping me.....

      we need to think of what to do not of what we had of obsticales and reasons for what we have right now.

      some confidence, eager to learn, self motivation, hard work and using any kind of tools we have to make something turn into better gradually.

      The Master have mentioned the sum of some methods and everyone's got the responsibility to find for their own ways

      participating in forums like this one and use it as one of practising methods is a very good one.... i myself learn new vocabs, idioms, grammar related stuff.....etc everyday

      let's keep on having discussions ;like these more often and allow each other at the same time to correct each others mistakes, add of what we know in the posts on grammar, adverbs, idioms, ...etc
      whatever we have in this forum

      let's all work together hand in hand for the good of all no matter what or where we are

      i wish good luck for everyone

      sooooooooooooo long|e