one secret to learn English but never try

    • one secret to learn English but never try

      first of all be informed that I am not an English expert I have just learn it from people’s tongues so you have to excuse me for any spelling or grammar mistakes. Now do you believe what I have written in the subject, I don't think so but it is a real story. Are you all eager to know what is the one secret to learn English and in the same time very fast within light speed. Ok here it is just read what I am writing and never try it okay. Two friends nearly in the same age born in the same village and studied in the same school, one of them is genius in study and the other one is just surviving as we say in Arabic near to success limit. The good one in study he went to the university where he has improved his English alot but with a very hard working. The other one after secondary school he got a job in one of the companies with a very low salary. During this period they still in touch and sometimes they go together for traveling in the summer time and of course the one in the university he was the guidance in all trips because he knows English even if it is broken sometimes but he is still better than the other. After few years they were so busy and they meet very rarely and no longer they go together because they have family now to look after it. One day they met and said we have to bring our memory back and see how we were so close together so they decide to go to a trip and this time to U.K but the one with low salary said I don't have money and the other one said don't bother about it I will take care. They reached U.K and they went to a restaurant and then the waiter give them the menu, the well educated person said oh it is very hard to know what is in this menu, the other one just called the waiter again and he said with a very fluent and fast way what they want and he had a little chat with the waiter with a language that the well educated person couldn't understand it even though it was English but with eaten letters and so fast, so he was opening his eyes widely and starring to his friend with a sign of astonishments. After the waiter left he asked his friend what the hell you were talking about and where did you learnt all this, the other friend laugh and said it is a long story. Two years before when I was in my office in the company an English charming girl $$e came to me and she asked about some places because she was new to Oman and then I told her about it and she took my phone number. After 3 days she called me at night and we talked together about half a hour with my broken language which I learnt from dealing with customers in the company and then deiced to meet, so we did and since that time we are going together $$eand we made a good friendship. Day to Day practice with her I didn't feel that I am a good speaker now. The well educated person shake his head and said I have to look for a girl like her, she don't have a sister for me? and then they laughed a lot.... THE END
    • It's a wonderful story and an important secret and i believe it's the most important secret in English and as the English peoverb says"Practice makes perfect"

      So i engourage everyone to practice his language if u really want to improve ur language and u can improve it by many ways..Not necessary to do the same as the one did it in the story:D
    • Being dirty, I once called the local TV station showing a ladies tennis game, I called them complaining I only see short skirts showing hot stuff underneath

      The TV controller said, oh well, we only showing a tennis game, and if you LOOK UP a little more you would see a real tennis match

      Being dirty, I was taught a lesson then

      Being dirty, again and again, I only read a dirty story calling for illegitimate

      relationships JUST TO LEARN English

      I think it is some thing real to practice with english speakers but as it was put here I guess it is disgusting and a call for dirty relationships

      CHARMING GIRL=Notice, the girl was charming
      TOOK MY PHONE NUMBER=يبدو متعلمة الترقيم

      Listen boys and girls, after all, we are not English, we are not westerners, and we never intend to speak English with "eaten letters" as our freind suggests
      If we let others to come to the country and impose it on us to learn English rather they learn Arabic, then I guess we are in a deep trouble, and would be better we learn Arabic again

      After all, you call it a secret

      dindn't I tell I am dirty, dirty mind
    • good morning

      thank u al sheady....
      Its realy a very nice story
      telling us how can u improve ur self if u realy want that from ur heart

      I would like to say

      the secret is not to fined somebody to help u learning english !!!
      but the secret is to decied to learn emglesh or anything else from ur heart ... and then doing ur best in that thing
      سبحان الله وبحمد
    • so that was the secret

      well .. it is a nice story and really i enjoyed reading it

      but i have the same problem $$-e

      my english is bad and am lookin to enhance ma english skills

      what i can do .. plz let the low-salaried man contact me

      i wish one day an english native woman asked me about the good places in oman .. dont think badly maan .. my goal is to enrich ma language

      "tourism is enrich" ~!@q

      see .. ministry of tourism was right .. so where is the tourist #e