what should we do ?!!

    • what should we do ?!!

      Nowadays It is noticeable that the number of Filipino women has increased in oman. What is the reason do you think, and what is effects of that ?!!!
      Maybe you will say they are here to work and get a job .. what kind of job is that .. I notice that they ( maybe not all but almost) stay at their home or their flat all time just they go outside at night I guess you know why .. also enough for us to see what they are wearing .. no respect to Islamic customs or oman customs , however before they come here, they had been asked to apply Islamic customs .. but unfortunately nobody control this thing and no punishment for this .. and unfortunately I notice that some omani people are happy and feel relax because of this.
      I guess the solution has two parts … one part should be applied from the government and the other part should be applied from people themselves.

      please give me your opinion about this thing and how to solve it because it is really very big problem and it gonna affect the society badly ..
    • I know this might be my first reply in this site because I'm new
      qswatalayam.............I think the government have the all roles to play here. The government allowed them to do so, walking on the street half nude....This is an Islamic country for heaven sake...They knew that the globalization was going to effect them...so badly...but no one cared...On the other hand we as individuals carry some of that responsibility...we should raise our voice by saying no for such exapts like those....

      Thanx again for the interesting thread....[/ALIGN
    • I agree with you in this point qeswat alayam And a friend told me that some of Philipinos Women tried to arouse the Omani young people and unfortunatily some of them have a weak Faith and they don't mind to have fun with them>>So i wish that those young people might read this topic and u should take care from them and remeber That Allah sees them in every second from their lives|t

      SO take care$$7
    • thanx for establishing this subject but if you make study you will find that not the only philipinos nationalities are on this hell. we are facing a big problem with prostitutes either from foreigners or arabians but what can we do if the goverment doesn't take any action about this and im sure a 100% they knew about it. anyway it is like a disease spread over all gulf country hope that will be bridled soon anshaa allah (god welling) |t |t |t
    • We have to take care about them even dont talk and look for them that time they will know they are nothing for us then they will left our country .

      أكتب ما اشعر به وأقول ما أنا مؤمن به انقل هموم المجتمع لتصل الي المسئولين وفي النهاية كلنا نخدم الوطن والمواطن
    • Hi all

      With respect to all your ideas I noticed lately that the government stopped giving loubur Clarence for these kind off nationalities that use to come as they say as housemaid ( and who applied for this us citizens…….why because we wish that our young children can speak English so lets get a Philippine housemaid she would sort every thing out ………..but because it’s use not the government who started this we have to stop it by trying not to get them or apply for getting them .. and every lady have to sort her time and believe me it will work if she and her husband cooperated and worked together….

      And in another hand many other Nationalities are doing these things also and prostitution’s houses are opened for them to deal and Finnish there work for such small amount of money and theses , men who run after them they didn’t think of the diseases that they will get and might effect them and their families. In return many families are suffering from this problem but can’t do any thing to stop it…I can say if the government stop them from coming to our country this would be better solution for this problem and if it stop renewing there clearances this would be much better .

      What I can say is we citizens have to work with our government and try to stop them from coming to our country they don’t have respect to us or to our realign & they are like Cancer they spread all over with out stopping ….( god be with us)

      Thanks and hope my voice would reach every open brain and mind that care for this country !