• salam 3alekom brothers and sisters
      today's topic is soo important that we r not aware of it
      it is something that srounds us and lives with us day and night
      in the old days when human slavery was still legal
      humans were traded as merchendise and sold in special markets
      they were brought from central and east africa and sold in europ and america as working slaves
      they had no right or obligation for them selves
      they didnt have the choise to do anything

      well today in modern life human slavery no longer exist and governments around the world phorbit it strongly
      well what i am about to present to u is a type of slavery which exists now and most of us r not aware of it
      its mental slavery
      it basicly means controling the mind in such a way the mind is led to do things without knowing the conciquence of what might happen
      in today's life there are many things that go around us and influwence us in our lifes for example
      look at the way we talk,walk ,dress,behave even the way we think
      can u take a few mints of ur time and think about it , u will see that many of the attitudes and behaver snatched from the west
      the west is our main influential enemy that brings different types of ideas
      in every comunity there is a week point
      and our week point is adopting to western civilisation culture
      i dont really understand why do we need to adopt to their culture
      not everything from the west is bad , we can get the knowledge from them or even take the good parts of their culture
      but we must let go the bad influence.
      the main part that worries me is our kids
      these r the jewells of our lifes and we should make sure that they r brought up in a proper maner
      the thing that really worries me about kids is they catch up very fast with the environment they live in
      for example : kids tend to emitate what ever they c on TV
      and sometimes they c dangerouse stuff on TV and they tend to do the same
      lets take the example of kids cartoons
      every kids show on TV surly has a message to pass on to the kids
      for example look at popay's in this cartoon it shows the kid that blutoo is evil and that any one who has beard is evil
      it's all about sphycology, the way people's minds are being controled
      if u take a look at todays yooth "teenagers" they like to imitate famouse ppl by dressing , talking and living like them .
      just take a look at guys who wear ear rings,chains and do tatoos on their body , where do u think they got that from
      mental slavery is diplomacy in such a way , coz diplomacy means" telling someone : go to hell in such a way he is looking forward to the trip"
      so i guss we should be very careful and learn to get the good things and avoid adopting the bad things
      and take good care of the next generation that is comeing , coz this generation is soo sensitive to change and it will adopt anything that comes by
      finaly i just pray to allah to bless u all and keep u safe from harm
      i pray to allah to bless ur lives and give u joy and happiness and keep away awlad il 7aram
      uncle maistre|a