STOP THE WORLD! What do you think

    • STOP THE WORLD! What do you think

      The fax machine is spewing out a 50-page document, the answering machine is flashing six messages, the mobile phone is ringing again, there are 20 e-mails to respond to and the internet has found 11,000 articles on the subject you are researching. No wonder information-overload syndrome is the latest ailment to strike office workers. Our ability to generate information has simply exceeded our ability to review and understand most of it, let alone to decide on priorities. And prioritising is vitally important when you consider how much information we are exposed to- more information has been produced in the past 30 years than in the past five millenniums. The fact that not all of it is of equal importance means that it needs to be sifted first. Likewise, it is crucial that we avoid getting caught up in the urgency culture, where everything has to be done ‘by yesterday’. So are we at the beginning of a new ‘ice age’ of non communication. The growing use of e-mail and the disappearance of jobs such as shop assistants means that face-to-face conversations are becoming a rarity and it may well soon be possible to go through the entire day without talking to another person directly. Less and less time is spent on personal hobbies, holidays and with friends and relations. We are sending information but not conveying emotion. So, what do you people have to say about this. Do you think its true or do you believe otherwise. Please share your thoughts in here with the rest of us.