Story to brighten you up

    • Story to brighten you up

      Broken Bones and Hurt feelings

      A man came out of his house to admire his brand new truck. To his puzzlement, his three year-old son was happily hammering away dents into the shiny paint. He ran to his son, knocked him away, hammered the little boy's hand into a pulp as a punishment.
      When the father calmed-down, he rushed his son to the hospital. Although the doctor tried desperately to save the crushed bones, he finally had to amputate the fingers from both the boy's hand.
      When the boy woke up from the surgery and saw his bandaged stubs, he innocently said, "Daddy, I am sorry about your truck". Then he asked, "But when are my fingers going to grow back?" The father went home and committed suicide.

      Think about the story the next time you see someone spill milk at a dinner table or hear a baby cry. Think first before you lose your patience with someone you love. Trucks can be repaired. BUT broken bones & hurt feelings often can't. Often we fail to recognize the difference between the person and the performance. People make mistakes. We are allowed to make
      mistakes. But the actions we take while in a rage will haunt us forever.

      THEREFORE, Pause & Ponder. Think before you act. If Be patient. Understand & love. You never lose by loving, YOU ALWAYS WIN BY HOLDING BACK
    • Thank u so much and every body making mistakes but we have to learn from our mistake and we have to think before doing any thing or action

      good story

      take care and stay in toutch

      good luck
      أكتب ما اشعر به وأقول ما أنا مؤمن به انقل هموم المجتمع لتصل الي المسئولين وفي النهاية كلنا نخدم الوطن والمواطن
    • Salam

      you are absolutly right

      reading this story i would like to add two quotations about anger, which are:

      Anger is a momentary madness, so control your passion or it will control you. ( Quintus) Horace

      Our passions are like convulsion fits, which make us stronger for the time, but leave us weaker forever after. ( Jonathan) Swift

      in psychology, i learnt that anger is one of the mechanisms that we use in responding to any stressing factor and that actualy is categorized under what is known as " fight or flight" responses..... though it is a normal response,yet a jeopardy if expressed improparly

      nice post brother....thnx#d
    • Salam guys

      I came back to this post because i found it important to put it into discussion

      Anger #h: isn't it one of the most common things that truelly jeopordize our own lives?!!!! well at least at certain times

      I said previously right in here that it is a normal response to a stressor.However, i think, whether calling it normal or abnormal depends on it's degree and the person exprresing it.

      What am trying to say is that watch out for it 'cause it may be a health problem that you are complaining of whithout even knowing about it. As a matter of fact, a psychological problem presumably $$t

      The question that forwards itsself here is that if there are any ways we could control anger or cope with it!!!!

      Fortunatelly, there are.... could we all together think about them
      and try to add them on this page for the good of all!!

      Besaids that could we share with our expeirences as to when we mostly get mad or feel stressed and then help each other in discussing what we could do about that!!.......... because studies have shown that having a group that you would trust and be able to share your feeling with is crucial and very helpful at easing things

      Next time inshallah i'll speak about some of the things that make me angry and some of the ways that i learnt on how to cope with anger

      till I meet again with you fox, wish you great times away from anger :D

    • الرسالة الأصلية كتبت بواسطة:The Ghost
      The SAY we, people, live in learn....and I absolutely agree with that??
      Learn from your mistakes man..


      Ok, but how about preventing ourselves from commiting mistakes specially when we know they are gonna be mistakes?!!!! we all can do that can't we....

      just try this first: when you feel like you are almost about to cough out anger say to your self" hold on to your hourses buddy" and then breath in and out slowly :D

      Are there any reasons for why we can't control anger?!!! seldom there are

      Here are some ways, I learnt in my studies, to deal with anger sensibly or creatively:

      1. Take "time-out" from the situation, followed by a "time-in" to resolve the issue

      2. Communicate your feelings diplomatically

      3. Think of the consequences of your anger.Think of this story as an example

      4. Plan several options to a situation

      5. Lower personal expectations

      6. Most important, learn to forgive $$e ...... " make past anger pass"

      Although anger is an emotion we all experience and should recognize when it arises, it is crucial to manage anger. Sometimes, just writing down what frustrates you can be the begining of the resolution process. Above all, make a habit of resolving your angry feelings once they arise. L earn to let go of anger before they become toxic to your mind, body, and spirit.

      I won't miss out mentioning what Islam through our Prophit messenger Mohammad (pbuh) had tought us regarding managing anger. For instance, saying isti3atha, thikir, changing your position, reading versus from the Quraan, forgiving....etc. Thinking of him (pbuh) reminds us of his attitudes and behaviors that we as muslims should try to follow on the situations we get encountered with throught out our lives.

      These are all I could think of right now, for any of you would like to add some more, would be very nice to post them in here

      wish you all peace of mind and happiness |e

      your sister........