The medicines for those five course of Sin?

    • The medicines for those five course of Sin?

      The medicine for the first course is to think of the delay of punishment in this way. What will occur in future must happen. The future is near thoughtful men, but death is nearer to a man than the lace of his shoe. What will inform him that the hour is near. Then the affair of the future happiness will become the matters of the present.

      Great afford are under taken to ward off future danger in the world. For earning profits in business, merchant embark on deep seas ad ocean and bear all sort of hardships on journey. If one falls ill and if a physician inform him that if he drink cold water it will injured him and may lead him to death ,he should give it up at once for fear of death even though cold water is agreeable to him and even though the pangs of death is short lived.

      He does not fear however what will occur after death. He shall have to live the world and there is no escape from it. This world life is temporary, not everlasting. Now it is An object of thought that he gives up an agreeable thing of his world relying on the word of a Christian physician, while he cannot give up the temporary pleasure of the world in the expectation of future happiness relying on the words of the prophets support by miracles. The punishment by hell is very much greater that that diseases.

      (2) The medicine for the second course is that he shall give up the taste which is strong with effort and say: If I cannot give up this temporary happiness of this world's life. How can I get the everlasting happiness of the next world? When I cannot bear the pangs of patience, how shall I bear the punishment of fire in hell?

      (3) Disease of delay in repentance may be removed in this way. Most of inmates of hell will shriek for long suffering in hell. He who makes delay in repentance, wishes to live long while he may die soon. If he lives long, he may not give up sin in future as he cannot give it up at present.

      It is not known how he will give up greed in future when he cannot give it up at present. Rather it may increase manifold owing to habits. The greed which man makes firm as greed has a result of habits is not like that greed which has not become firmly rooted. For this reason, those who makes delay in repentance are destroyed. They don't know that the more times passes, the more it become difficult to be eradicated.

      The man of procrastination is like a man who seeing a firmly rooted tree, leaves it to be uprooted in future. But he knows that it will be more firmly rooted in future. The more you grow old, the more you will become weak and there will be less chance of your uprooting the tree.

      (4) Medicine of waiting for Allah's forgiveness. He is like a person who spends all his wealth and makes himself and his family members poor in expectation of his mercy. He hopes that Allah will bring out a hidden treasure for him out of uncultivated land. His waiting for seeking Allah's forgiveness for his sins is likewise.

      (5) Medicines for the fifth cause. To doubt the prophethood of the prophet in infidelity. Its medicine is the proofs of his being a true prophet. He must said: Is the affair in the next world impossible, as the staying of a man in two different places at the same time is impossible? If he says: I have doubt in the next worldly affairs, he must be told: Eat the food which you have just left and into someone has thrown poisons. He shall not eat it believing a stranger's words. If he is a liar, you will still not eat the food, saying: I shall not eat it as it is better for me to remain on the good side and to have patience. But if it is true I shall meet with death if I eat it. So to have patience is better than the pangs of death.

      Hazrat Ali (Karramallah Wajahu) said to a man who had no faith in the next world: If what you said is true, we will get salvation. If it does not come out true, we shall get salvation but u will perish. In other words, the wise man adopts always the path of safety Such a disbelieve should be told: You give up food believing in stranger. How can you neglect the saying of the Prophet, saint and wise man backed in miracles? There is no good in arguing with the illiterate. If there is different of opinion among the wise regarding the next world, the deniers will suffer endless suffering if it is true. If it is false, then only you temporary pleasure will suffer for some time. If anybody is wise, he must not doubt in this argument as there can be no comparison of these few days in this world with the everlasting nature of the next world. How can a wise man able to earn everlasting happiness of the next world as he is engaged in the pleasure of the world?