• "Fasting is as old as the human race. All the major religions in the world, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, expect their followers to fast in some form or another. It is believed that fasting has always been the same in all the major religions in the world but changes happened as time passed by and by the appearance of new sects in different religions.

      The most common motives for fasting are religious ones. In a religious fast there are three primary purposes: self-control over the body and its appetites; focusing the mind on God or prayer; making sacrifice to God for offenses committed. The Western religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have, from their inception, set aside certain times in the year for regular fasting observances."
      "Fasting is an almost universal phenomenon within both Eastern and Western cultures. Over the centuries, abstaining from food has, of course, been undertaken by many for a variety of reasons, a significant one of which is religious.

      The custom of fasting is found in many ancient cultures, and is often associated with rites of mourning. This has led scholars to equate its origins with the custom whereby friends and relatives leave with the dead the food that they would have consumed, so that the deceased might have nourishment in an afterlife.

      In earlier cultures, it was found that fasting could induce a state of susceptibility to visions and dreams and give the individual access to a spiritual world. Certain mystery cults also incorporated fasting as part of the ritual preparation for the sleep that would provide answers to the individual's specific needs and questions. The ideology behind this was that since the soul was influenced by diet, it could only receive unconfused dreams by frugal living and the avoidance of meat. Judaism shared the view that fasting could induce trance-like states through which revelations would occur."
    • Thank u for the information brother. as u said ..Fasting is an almost universal phenomenon within both Eastern and Western cultures do.but the way to fast is the difference.Fasting has alot of physical effects on human body useful ones beside it influance on spirit peace