A moment of Wonder

    • A moment of Woner

      As I was going through my notebook, where I write all the nice poems I find in the net.

      I came across this one, It reminded me of a friend I use to meet with him in the chat room. We had a nice and useful time chatting together.

      I wonder how is he!? I've not seen him for the last three months. I hope he is doing fine and I wish him all the best.

      The poem

      A moment of Wonder

      I have watched the stares up in the sky
      and looked in wonder where they lye
      I have seen the moon so full and bright
      that filled the earth with all it's light
      I have watched these sight that disappear
      but knew tomorrow they'd reappear
      I have watched the clouds that drift their way
      and sow the rain and the sound it made
      I have seen the Oceans so blue and vast
      and touched the winds as the breeze blew past
      I have seen the magic that seasons bring
      like the snow in winter , new life in spring
      I have seen the wonders that fill this earth
      for they've always been there
      since it's Birth
    • to wonder can be really exasperating, can't it. but on the other hand it can be quite superb. i dont know how to denfine it really, it can be both at the same time. at least to me it would! i read this poem about wonder, seemed to me quite interesting

      [COLOR='00BFFF']S[/COLOR][COLOR='0AB2FA']i[/COLOR][COLOR='14A5F6']t[/COLOR][COLOR='1E97F1'] [/COLOR][COLOR='288AED']a[/COLOR][COLOR='327DE8']n[/COLOR][COLOR='3C70E3']d[/COLOR][COLOR='3C61E3'] [/COLOR][COLOR='3251E8']W[/COLOR][COLOR='2841ED']o[/COLOR][COLOR='1E30F1']n[/COLOR][COLOR='1420F6']d[/COLOR][COLOR='0A10FA']e[/COLOR][COLOR='0000FF']r[/COLOR]

      I sit and wonder
      has it all been a lie
      as I cry
      and wonder why
      you say you care
      do I dare
      believe in you
      tell me is it true
      can I believe in you?

      Alice K

      you can have many different poems or maybe words to define wonder and explain it, but then you can never actually tell what its really about. Thank you dear brother, that was a really nice #d|epoem. i truely enjoyed reading it
    • hi everybody
      hi nazlat I hope your friend is fine ;)

      To have in your life a true precious friend,
      Waiting for your troubles to mend.
      To you their ear they'll always lend,
      On them you know you can depend.

      When life is very hard to bare,
      And to have a friend so very rare.
      We really should kneel down and pray,
      And thank the Lord for your friend this day.

      You know that they really care,
      When you need them, they are there.
      So I ask the Lord up above,
      To shower my friend with His love.

      Thank you friend for all your time,
      I'm so lucky, you're a friend of mine

      #d #d #d

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    • Poems come through memories and we like to connect the poems with the beautiful memories because we feel comfortable whenever we remember our friends>>

      Whenever I see a glittering star in the dark sky I recall some dear memories to
      My heart..Sometimes this memories make me happy but sometimes it is totally
      Painful and I wish I could return to the past to do many things I didn't do before,,
      I really miss my friend who died in terrible accident,, I always remember her but
      It is torturing my heart but I will never forget her and she will be always in my mind and heart>>>>

      See u all