• here are some of the expressions that you would use the word 'first' in

      Expression: [COLOR='00BFFF']a[/COLOR][COLOR='13A6F6']t[/COLOR][COLOR='258EEE'] [/COLOR][COLOR='3875E5']f[/COLOR][COLOR='385AE5']i[/COLOR][COLOR='253CEE']r[/COLOR][COLOR='131EF6']s[/COLOR][COLOR='0000FF']t[/COLOR]
      Meaning: at the beginning
      Example: at first could you tell me where have you been all night

      Expression: [COLOR='00BFFF']f[/COLOR][COLOR='08B5FB']i[/COLOR][COLOR='0FABF8']r[/COLOR][COLOR='17A1F4']s[/COLOR][COLOR='1F97F1']t[/COLOR][COLOR='268CED'] [/COLOR][COLOR='2E82EA']a[/COLOR][COLOR='3678E6']n[/COLOR][COLOR='3D6EE3']d[/COLOR][COLOR='3D63E3'] [/COLOR][COLOR='3656E6']f[/COLOR][COLOR='2E4AEA']o[/COLOR][COLOR='263EED']r[/COLOR][COLOR='1F31F1']e[/COLOR][COLOR='1725F4']m[/COLOR][COLOR='0F19F8']o[/COLOR][COLOR='080CFB']s[/COLOR][COLOR='0000FF']t[/COLOR]
      Meaning: more than anything else
      Example: first and foremost lets get this mess cleaned up before our boss turn up

      Expression: [COLOR='00BFFF']f[/COLOR][COLOR='0EACF8']i[/COLOR][COLOR='1D99F2']r[/COLOR][COLOR='2B86EB']s[/COLOR][COLOR='3A73E4']t[/COLOR][COLOR='3A5DE4'] [/COLOR][COLOR='2B46EB']l[/COLOR][COLOR='1D2FF2']a[/COLOR][COLOR='0E17F8']d[/COLOR][COLOR='0000FF']y[/COLOR]
      Meaning: the wife of the president
      Example: can you name the first lady of the United States of America

      Expression: [COLOR='00BFFF']f[/COLOR][COLOR='08B5FB']r[/COLOR][COLOR='0FABF8']o[/COLOR][COLOR='17A1F4']m[/COLOR][COLOR='1F97F1'] [/COLOR][COLOR='268CED']f[/COLOR][COLOR='2E82EA']i[/COLOR][COLOR='3678E6']r[/COLOR][COLOR='3D6EE3']s[/COLOR][COLOR='3D63E3']t[/COLOR][COLOR='3656E6'] [/COLOR][COLOR='2E4AEA']t[/COLOR][COLOR='263EED']o[/COLOR][COLOR='1F31F1'] [/COLOR][COLOR='1725F4']l[/COLOR][COLOR='0F19F8']a[/COLOR][COLOR='080CFB']s[/COLOR][COLOR='0000FF']t[/COLOR]
      Meaning: from beginning to end
      Example: you have to get this job done from first to last

      Expression: [COLOR='00BFFF']f[/COLOR][COLOR='10AAF8']i[/COLOR][COLOR='2194F0']r[/COLOR][COLOR='317FE9']s[/COLOR][COLOR='4169E1']t[/COLOR][COLOR='314FE9'] [/COLOR][COLOR='2135F0']a[/COLOR][COLOR='101AF8']i[/COLOR][COLOR='0000FF']d[/COLOR]
      Meaning: basic medical treatment
      Example: have you got a first aid box at home, in case of accidents

      Expression: [COLOR='00BFFF']f[/COLOR][COLOR='0DAEF9']i[/COLOR][COLOR='1A9DF3']r[/COLOR][COLOR='278BED']s[/COLOR][COLOR='347AE7']t[/COLOR][COLOR='4169E1'] [/COLOR][COLOR='3454E7']c[/COLOR][COLOR='273FED']l[/COLOR][COLOR='1A2AF3']a[/COLOR][COLOR='0D15F9']s[/COLOR][COLOR='0000FF']s[/COLOR]
      Meaning: excellent
      Example: where is the best place to have a first class meal in your town

      Expression: [COLOR='00BFFF']f[/COLOR][COLOR='0EACF8']i[/COLOR][COLOR='1D99F2']r[/COLOR][COLOR='2B86EB']s[/COLOR][COLOR='3A73E4']t[/COLOR][COLOR='3A5DE4']-[/COLOR][COLOR='2B46EB']h[/COLOR][COLOR='1D2FF2']a[/COLOR][COLOR='0E17F8']n[/COLOR][COLOR='0000FF']d[/COLOR]
      Meaning: information or experience gained directly
      Example: would you rather read about other countries and cultures in books, or experience them first-hand

      Expression:[COLOR='00BFFF'] [/COLOR][COLOR='09B3FB']f[/COLOR][COLOR='13A6F6']i[/COLOR][COLOR='1C9AF2']r[/COLOR][COLOR='258EEE']s[/COLOR][COLOR='2E82EA']t[/COLOR][COLOR='3875E5'] [/COLOR][COLOR='4169E1']l[/COLOR][COLOR='385AE5']a[/COLOR][COLOR='2E4BEA']n[/COLOR][COLOR='253CEE']g[/COLOR][COLOR='1C2DF2']u[/COLOR][COLOR='131EF6']a[/COLOR][COLOR='090FFB']g[/COLOR][COLOR='0000FF']e[/COLOR]
      Meaning: mother tongue
      Example: do you know anyone who’s as fluent in English as they are in their first language

      Expression: [COLOR='00BFFF']f[/COLOR][COLOR='0DAEF9']i[/COLOR][COLOR='1A9DF3']r[/COLOR][COLOR='278BED']s[/COLOR][COLOR='347AE7']t[/COLOR][COLOR='4169E1'] [/COLOR][COLOR='3454E7']l[/COLOR][COLOR='273FED']i[/COLOR][COLOR='1A2AF3']g[/COLOR][COLOR='0D15F9']h[/COLOR][COLOR='0000FF']t[/COLOR]
      Meaning: early morning
      Example: we have to leave this place at first light

      Expression: [COLOR='00BFFF']f[/COLOR][COLOR='0DAEF9']i[/COLOR][COLOR='1A9DF3']r[/COLOR][COLOR='278BED']s[/COLOR][COLOR='347AE7']t[/COLOR][COLOR='4169E1'] [/COLOR][COLOR='3454E7']n[/COLOR][COLOR='273FED']i[/COLOR][COLOR='1A2AF3']g[/COLOR][COLOR='0D15F9']h[/COLOR][COLOR='0000FF']t[/COLOR]
      Meaning: the opening performance of a play
      Example: have you ever been to a first night at the theatre
    • am glad that you liked the topic:D. As for your question regarding from where i bring these,;) well, these are among a huge collection of mine. A collection that i gathered through years of English study. I dont claim credibilty for the expressions|a but i do for the meanings and examples

      As for the similarity between me and the member maistere, i actually didnt notice that till you mentioned it. which by all means made me go back to look at his topics. am not sure about the similarity, but i dont actually know the maistere. Since you brought it up, i really wonder why doesnt he write in here any more. well, he must have his won reasons like many others. i just wish that someday we will hear again from them|a. At the end, i |esend my regards to you, Miss Spoon
    • Brother The Master,
      U r really so lucky to have these huge collections of different expressions in English and I believe that u have collected many things during ur studies>>So i wish that one day i would have a collection like yours:D

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    • Miss Spoon, thank you|e. I know that one day you will have even a much bigger collection than the one i have|a. Its just about enjoying what you put effort into learning

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      As for the members you mentioned, i think what you said is right, we will insa'allah|t, see them in here one day,|e hopefully soon