Making the first Move

    • Making the first Move

      Initiator, follower, or ditherer, which are you|y? Read the following descriptions:D. Which do you think describes you:P? I hope that some of you would have the courage to post their |aanswers

      [COLOR='00BFFF']T[/COLOR][COLOR='0BB1FA']h[/COLOR][COLOR='16A2F5']e[/COLOR][COLOR='2194F0'] [/COLOR][COLOR='2B86EB']I[/COLOR][COLOR='3677E6']n[/COLOR][COLOR='4169E1']i[/COLOR][COLOR='3658E6']t[/COLOR][COLOR='2B46EB']i[/COLOR][COLOR='2135F0']a[/COLOR][COLOR='1623F5']t[/COLOR][COLOR='0B12FA']o[/COLOR][COLOR='0000FF']r[/COLOR]
      You’re never afraid of making the first move. If you want something, you go for it. You don’t worry about conventions, you do what suits you and if other people come along for the ride, then fine

      [COLOR='00BFFF']T[/COLOR][COLOR='0CAFFA']h[/COLOR][COLOR='18A0F4']e[/COLOR][COLOR='2390EF'] [/COLOR][COLOR='2F80E9']f[/COLOR][COLOR='3B71E4']o[/COLOR][COLOR='3B5FE4']l[/COLOR][COLOR='2F4CE9']l[/COLOR][COLOR='2339EF']o[/COLOR][COLOR='1826F4']w[/COLOR][COLOR='0C13FA']e[/COLOR][COLOR='0000FF']r[/COLOR]
      You’re one of the life’s cautious types. You don’t realise that you could break new ground if you wanted to. You prefer to do things that have already been tried and tested rather than take risks. You know that doing something that works will give you good results, and that will make you look good. Trying something new may not work out as well

      [COLOR='00BFFF']T[/COLOR][COLOR='0CAFFA']h[/COLOR][COLOR='18A0F4']e[/COLOR][COLOR='2390EF'] [/COLOR][COLOR='2F80E9']D[/COLOR][COLOR='3B71E4']i[/COLOR][COLOR='3B5FE4']t[/COLOR][COLOR='2F4CE9']h[/COLOR][COLOR='2339EF']e[/COLOR][COLOR='1826F4']r[/COLOR][COLOR='0C13FA']e[/COLOR][COLOR='0000FF']r[/COLOR]
      Shall I, shan’t I? That’s often what other people hear you say. It’s not a question of making the first move or hanging around to follow but whether you should or shouldn’t. You never know what to do for the best and sometimes opportunities just slip through your hands while you hesitate. Go-on take the plunge once in a while. You might be pleasantly surprised by the results
    • okay ...The Master from the kingdom of Masters

      I guess , I have the courage to answer
      which makes me type (1). right
      But $$-e$$7
      I sow this article yesterday, and I didn't answer
      so this makes me type (3) right

      I'm one of the life's cautious type (2) , still I love to go for new things (1) , I'm not slow in making decisions, but I take sometime (3) $$-e$$7

      Now ...Who am I ???$$-e$$7:sad$$6
    • Thanks dear Nazlat, for your post|e. As for your question, well, basically this makes you "Yourself":D, i surely dont expect everyone to fit in one of the three groups i listed. As different people's characters and personalities differ. Like you, i dont find my self restricted to one of the groups$$-e. Actions that i take differ at different situations. its just a matter of one person's nature, i guess

      however, still others may just find that they fit into one of the groups. As i said a matter of nature, so let us hear from you all. Maybe then we will be able to conclude something out of |athis|a
    • Thanx The master for this interesting topic
      Well i think we might find ourselves in al l the categories and the situation we are in will judge our personalities..
      Because sometimes we feel miserable and we don't have the couragment .. In other words, we don't know how ro react with |y
      some situations
      So nobody can motidify our characters because it never stay at the same position$$t