• I dislike this kind of habbit..
      furthermore I dislike every body who eavasdropping my conservation,so how can i do or be like this kind people...!!!

      I think a person who do this habbit is not turest him or her self, so he or she can not turest other people...this is just my opinion..
      and I would like to see ur opinion the master and thanks very much for this interisting subject.....

      all my best.................................|e ALYAZEA|e
    • Personally, i think that this habbit is an extreamly terrible habbit to have. It's something that we should all prevent our selves from doing. As its basically intruding at other poeple's privacy. In addition, its something that has been forbidden by our religion. This is a moral issue, that should be noticed$$7

    • Frankly speaking it's my first time to come across this word in English.
      Though The Master explained it very well,
      still I grabbed my dictionary to find the exact meaning
      "one of my bad habit".
      Then to the Internet for more details
      I came across these words:
      Invasion of privacy

      I thought I would never use this word,
      as it's difficult to pronounce, with very bad meaning.
      Nevertheless, and thanks God I found there is other
      ways to use it, Which was a relief for me -see next article.

      I think eavesdropping is more than a bad habit
      I consider it as a sickness
      A cancer than can crypt the mind and darken the eavesdropper heart.
      It's also and addiction, which hard to get rid of.

      Many thanks The Master from kingdom of Masters
      Thanks alot for so many things, I have list of thanks for you
      for this article "eavesdropping"
      for the "The Blood" article
      for the "exeqrn" program, I use it, and its wonderful.



    • Eavesdropping

      another season
      come and gone
      learn every lesson
      move on
      ferever eavesdropping
      on the wind

      buried deep
      within the hidden surface
      of the moment
      impossibly vast

      we are all
      the same thing
      you and I

      this mind that lives
      outside of space
      this soul
      outside of time

      this heart that throbs
      to fill the days
      this spark that fills
      the stars

      Writen by Andy Levesque

      This is a positive eavesdropping


    • Dear Nazlat, to thank me is something you never need to do. This is why are all here for. As for the blood topic, i don't seem to have done a good job with it. It still didn't get the attention it deserves. i think i would have it moved to another section of the saha. Anyway, its us who need to thank you, for the last poem regarding Eavesdropping. |eNow we at least now that there is a bright side for this
    • hi everyone

      for almost everything in this life, i guess, there is a good side of them as there is bad and vice versa

      being created humans, with minds to think, we are ought to learn from the bad as well as the good. therefore thinking on something should not be only from one side of it, but rather from any possidle sides that we could find if we realy do think of it deeply.

      eavesdropping is a psychlogical problem when it has no significant aim or purpose, and is done due to lack of trust and so on. yet i think it is an action to be considered in certain situations like war for example or when someone is suspected for something and a prove is needed to put the person before justice for someone's else protection.

      sometimes overhearing is mistaken with eavesdropping and here we need to make a lot of considerations before judging on someone.

      speaking of this word another word jumps right away into my mind and that is sneaking, there are somewhat similiar to each other, yet the second one is baisically to do things in a secret, dishonest and unfair way. and that is exactly what eavesdropping is all about.

      well, generally for it as amoral habit it is socially unacceptable, 'cause it hurts

      guys thnx for bringing up such topics and issues for discussion, and please do not mind my english, for anything i might have said wrong i would appritiate being corrected

      take care you all, so long
    • It's an interesting topic but i thinl that i have
      a different opinion from the rest of u and I have
      decleration..I want to admit that i'm very curious and
      i like to know what is going round me..I know it is a bad habbit and i shouldn't ever think to do it..but actually
      I did in past and until now i feel curious whenever i see 2 persons
      whispered ..They might be ur friends, relatives and u will do the impossible to know what r they whispering about..Don't ever fell curious about that?However, i tried to get ride from this habbit by asking one of the 2 about their conversation and that is satisfied me in the end..I will never feel comfortable until i know the topic of their conversation because i feel confused and sad..Because I'm afraid that they r talking about me in a negative way, so i started to ask my self if i really did any wrong tp them..
      So this habit make me feel relax because I can know how people feel about me and how do they treat me?:D

      See u all$$e
    • I dont know if am right. In surat alNAML when it was discribing
      the Prophet Mussa's sister to put her eye and watch the situation..Isnt that an eavesdropping??
      Also. what the spy is doing is the same.
      If it is i believe its bad and good at the same time. But u can notice it s never just...its laways either very bad or very good with a common of danger.