• Two days back, and in my regular visit to the movie shop, I [B][

      spotted this movie. We all must remember it from our childhood. The shopkeeper handed me the fim with a great surprised. I simply could not resist it. It brought memories of the past sweet childhood days.
      I know in other English forums they are talking about "Lord of the rings" and "Harry Potter". $$7Here silly me taking about 20 years old film:confused:. For give me for doing such thing

      E.T, by Steven Spielberg
      Released in 1982, can't remember when I did watch it$$-e, but I guess sometime after mid eighties.
      I know this film was made for kids:P, but we where kids anyway.

      E.T, an alien child, who was left behind by mistake. Found by a lonely child form earth. Developed a friendship so strong, they be came as one person feeling each other thoughts and pain. But, east or west home is best. :sadSoon E.T became homesick.
      I Still remember his words, phone home, his long finger pointing to the sky.

      I kept all the film looking at Dew Barrymore, that little girl, and how she grown up to be come one of my favorite actressnow. Her face, the way she talks still the same. watch here, in her latest movies to know what I mean$$-e. Ever After, Never been kissed and riding with boys. $$7anyway we also have grown up?!

      The last scene, Come ! Stay, it said far more than two words

      If you have something about this great movie, please share it with me#d, and us.


    • I myself find some of the old movies by far better than most of the ones produced these days:D. This one is one of them. The problem with the movies made nowadays is that they lack reality in their nature. #dAnyway, thanks Nazlat for reminding us with this great movie....

      I love this heartwarming, cinematic, and highly entertaining film, and I never fully appreciated it until I watched it on DVD. Steven Spielberg's "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" was a blockbuster hit in its 1982 theatrical release, and in 2002 a slightly different 20th Anniversary version of the movie played in theaters. Now a Limited Collector's Edition two-disc DVD set is available that contains both versions of the film, and the DVDs contain quite a few abonus materials as well

      The main difference between the two versions of the film is that the 2002 release offers better sound quality and has slightly improved special effects compared to the 1982 release, and the guns that appeared in the original are missing in the 20th Anniversary version. But the story is the same in both versions, and no matter which of the two you choose to watch, you're in for a big treat

      The main character in "E.T." is a 10-year-old boy named Elliott (Henry Thomas), who lives in a suburban housing tract in Northern California. Elliott has a 14-year-old brother (Robert MacNaughton) and a five-year-old sister (Drew Barrymore). As we watch the three siblings squabble, make messes, and fib a little, we come to regard them as fairly normal children. I found it interesting that Elliott and his siblings aren't sugar-coated Hollywood stereotypes, and they sometimes use mild profanity and have disrespectful attitudes. They may not be the best role models for other kids, but it does make them realistic characters

      The three kids live with their mother Mary (Dee Wallace), who dresses nicely and drives off to work every morning. Mary is a loving mother, but she seems to be somewhat indulgent, and her children sometimes call her by her first name. We soon learn that Mary and her husband are recently separated, and the kids miss their father. When Elliott lets it slip that his dad is in Mexico with someone named Sally, Mary gets tears in her eyes and says, "He hates Mexico."

      One night Elliott encounters an extraterrestrial alien who was accidentally left behind when his spaceship had to leave Earth in a hurry. But the extraterrestrial turns out to be completely harmless, and the kids bond with him and start to refer to him as E.T. They do what they can to protect and help him while he constructs a communications device to contact his race on their remote planet. E.T. explains what he is doing to the kids in the rudimentary English he has picked up by saying, "E.T. phone home."

      Meanwhile, the U.S. government is aware of the spaceship landing that took place near Elliott's house and is engaged in a massive, well-funded attempt to find out anything it can about the visitors from outer space. Eventually heavy-handed, bureaucratic government personnel locate E.T., and everything threatens to spin out of control. But by the end of the film, young Elliott has learned some valuable life lessons that should serve him well as he continues to mature

      I thought that the strong performances by the young actors in "E.T." made their characters come alive. I particularly liked Henry Thomas in the role of Elliott, and Drew Barrymore was delightful as his young sister Gertie

      I thought that, with its improved special effects and remastered sound track, the 2002 update looks and sounds as good as any contemporary movie. The updated version also contains a cute new scene of E.T. enjoying himself in a bathtub

      The DVDs come with many special features. Unfortunately, neither version of the film comes with a commentary track. I can only hope that Spielberg will record one for some future DVD release

      that was a short review of the movie. Although in a few hours time i will be on my way to watch The Lord Of The Rings " the two towers", such films always has their own styles. |eMany thanks again to you Nazlat

    • Thanks The Master from the kingdom of masters
      That was a very nice review "regardless" #d, which made
      me understand more things a bout the film and like more
      then ever.

      You forgot something else $$-e The Master,
      you didn't mention anything about the
      Lord of the Rings". Maybe you can do this
      in a separate topic.$$-e

      Thanks again

    • Hi there

      I remember watching E.t. when i was a little, and liked it so much. Now watching it advertised for on TV. i never thought i would think of watching it once more, but after reading through the review posted by the Master, i got thrilled to watch it, yet i guess i have no much time left for me to go to the movies anymore as i should get myself ready to leave for home in two days, unfortunately. so i guess i'll watch it at home.

      Hei the review was realy interesting, reading it i feel like i have seen it o'ready.

      about lords of the rings, i don't know but personally never enjoyed it at all, yet i hope you guys would.

      sorry dear nazlat i wish i had something to add to the information you guys put across here, but i loved contibuting with your topic

      have fun |e
    • It looks it is a great and interesting movie but I don't remember that I have ever
      Seen it before,,, And now I'm very curious about this movie because whenever I
      Heard about a movie, I feel a deep desire inside me to search about this movie
      TV channels or ask my brother to bring this movie..So I believe that I'm going
      To ask my brother about it,,

      See u all$$e$$e