Four people

    • Every time I open Alsaha, I see a new topic
      in all the forums. Except in English section.
      Like today all forums marked 24/12/02 and our
      English section marked 21/12/02 :confused: it tells
      only one things :confused: but with everybody's support
      this can be changed $$7$$-e

      Here is a story from my old collection. I hope you will
      all enjoy it. It happens in everyday work situation.

      This is a story about four people:$$7$$-e$$t;)
      Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody

      There was an important job to be done
      and Everybody was asked to do it.$$-e
      Everybody was sure Somebody would do it $$-e
      Anybody could have done it $
      but Nobody did it :confused:
      Somebody got angry about that because it was
      Everybody's job$$-e
      Everybody thought Anybody could do it $
      but Nobody realised that Everybody would'nt do it $$-e
      It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody
      when actually Nobody asked Anybody.

      simple BUT, becareful with these situations,
      it can end up with a disaster.


    • Dear Nazlat, as for your comment on new topics posted in the english section|a, well, i find that you yourself has stated the best solution for it. Everyone'seffort is needed to overcome this.....Also, many thanks for reminding us with story of the four poeple. It really shows how much Team Work is vital in some situations if not all.. |eMy regards
    • Honestly I felt confused when i read it
      for the first time$$6 So i read it again
      and i tried to understand it a bit and i enjoy when i read it for the second time$$e#d

      Well i agree with u when u see no topics in this corner u feel sad and miserabl but the problem that we have less members in this corner because as i know it is the newest one and I'm share the member will increase in this corner and we r going to have many topics
      So we should be patient and encourage the others to share us by our interesting topic as u do driend$$e

      See u all$$e