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      ALIGN=LEFT]This story I wrote when I was in school. The assignement was to write a short story about a person describing how he/she looks, work and his/her family.
      So I wrote this small story about Rebecca, $$tan imaginary character.

      Rebecca is a hairdresser. She works in London, Soho. She is 25 years old
      and she has been working as a hairdresser for around three years.
      She likes her job, but the problem is :confused:she has to work two shifts, morning and evening.
      Luckily she has her own car.

      Rebecca is tall lady, with medium brown hair in length and a beautiful green eyes.
      She lives with her father who works in a petrol filling station$$-e.
      Her mother died five years ago, in a car accident.

      Rebecca spends most of her evening studying.$$-e


      There was of course alot of correction in RED:sad by my teacher
      . The funniest one of all $$7is my mistake in spelling "studying" in the last line -in the original paper- I wrote$$-e$$7$$t "Rebecca spends most of her evening Standing"

      anyway I got 8/10 #dwith a comment from my teacher
      "Good Imagination"

      If you have a comment on the story
      please be my guest.


    • A nice story:D. I have to agree with your teacher that you have good imagination. i really liked the way you used short sentences. Mistakes start to occur when sentences start to get longer (an old rule in my head). In spite of a few, "what an old teacher of mine used to call" silly mistakes, its a good story. The mistakes i ment are the ones we make when we write down something quickly or something that we dont check at the end. such mistakes include sentence fragment, sentence structure and most of all spelling mistakes
      Thanks Nazlat for sharing the story with us and allow me to take it to the fun and arts room. #dIt's a piece of art
    • nice story nazlat but it has a normal end but it's great if we look
      to the period that u wrote this story..
      I have some questions Nazlat
      Why did u choose this name of Rebecca to ur story?
      Why u didn't choose arabic name?
      Also why did u choose Londen and not any other country?
      Do u have a specific reason about that?
      I think that some memories connect u with the story of rebecca and u connect it with the reality of ur immagination:D

    • Thank you Miss Spoon

      I'm so sorry about your friend

      I'm glad you enjoyed the Two Lovers,Myself poems
      and the story fo Four people

      E.T is an old film, some may not remember it
      I wish I had had |y the skill to put a phot of him
      then I'm sure you will remember it

      Rebbecca is a totally imaginary story, and using
      that name her job,her father's job, and the
      places was part of my wild imagination
      and it worked very well $$-e I think
      that is why I got 8/10 $$-e despite all the spelling
      mistake I made

      Quotes for Ice, don't bother yourself about the
      meaning, $$-e they should be no ice with your present

      Thanks alot for everything and $ I hope I didn't miss