The Theory of Inequality

    • The Theory of Inequality

      How far do you agree or disagree with the following statement

      Men and women have different kinds of brain, so it follows naturally that men and women have different inherent skills and abilities

      What are your own views on the subject? It would be nice if we can hear from both sides. Looking forward to everyone's participation. |eMy regards
    • Well, I totally agree with this statement because it is true that woman differ
      In many things from man..That is because Allah has created each of the gender
      Different from the other and that is so they can gathered and live together..

      For examples, man has less responsibility which helps him to have good memory
      While the woman has a weak memory because she is busy wit many things..
      So for this reason why do they differ in their abilities..Also, if the man are able
      To do all the abilities and skills that woman has, he will never need a woman in his lifeand the same with the woman..

      So Allah has created us different in our abilities and so other things for a wisdom
      Which that we should live together and need the other gender to survive in
      This life..

      So that's all what I can said about this statement and I wish could know
      The rest of the other's opinions..

      So I hope to listen soon about other members' opinion to know if there anyone
      Sharing me the same idea>>>

      See u all$$e|a$$e
    • Well i add my voice to Miss spoon and its a fair explanation of the subject.
      However, the difeerence should not be taken to make a war as what is happenening now days. I mean in the world we can see people are yelling every where asking for human rights, i wonder why no 1 asking for men rights
      Talking about abilities, who define and limit them. Whi is having the right to say..this is for a women and this is for a man. Or maybe we habe to believe that we can share some abilities. What harm for a men to was the dishes after a meal..what harm a lady to learn how to check the level of car rediator??.