Lonely Nights

    • I found this poem, today in the Net
      It was samilar to the poem I wrote
      in My New Year Eve, and I want
      to share it with you,
      I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

      writen by Midnight

      Lazy days
      lonely nights
      looking for a lonely star
      who'd keep me company

      looking at the widespread sky
      being me a lonely soul
      gazing at the moon so bright
      making wishes 'pon a star

      a blow of breeze
      to animate
      the freezing scene

      so the strings of white gold ribbons
      seem to tease the lonely moon
      as it is standing still
      and they are free to move

      " twinkle twinkle little star........"
      I used to sing when I was young
      "..........how I wonder what you are"

      lying down upon the meadows
      dream of flying up so high
      reach the stars,
      sit on the moon
      and dance with the clouds.


    • Thanks a lot nazalat for this lovely poem

      I really like poems which are about stars and nature

      but i like mostly stars when it twinkl and shine in the dark sky

      So i have also a poem about stars and I thought to share it with u all
      and I hope you will like it

      Tonight, after two days of shower, the sky is clear again.
      When I look far away, the stars are there again.
      But the fact is, they were always there.
      They were always there, they went no where.
      Only the clouds had come,that blocked my view;
      But now as I see, they look to me new !
      Now I think,
      Why was I sad, with the clouds and the gloom;
      When I knew sometime, the world would bloom.
      Our life is so similar, the clouds come and go;
      But eventually though late, the stars do show.
      What is important, is to think of the stars,
      Leave alone the clouds, and forget those scars.
      " Behind the clouds are my stars, which now, I can't see;
      But the clouds will go tommorrow, or day after may be."
      So, let me be happy, for I have every reason.
      So, let me be happy, in each and every season.
      Oh God,
      You are so nice, now do me a favour
      Let each and everybody, have the same flavour.
      Let everybody realise, the duty to be happy;
      Let everybody practise, 'making others happy'.
      Let there be no pain, no gloom in the dark;
      Let there be goodness, now put YOUR mark.