Sound & Silence

    • Sound & Silence

      These few lines, $$-e I wrote in Arabic
      some time back
      I just translate them in English to suit the forum

      Sound & Silence

      I opened my eyes
      but no light entered
      my temple is dark
      no place for light in it

      I felt, dryness in my lips
      as desert in summer day
      still in bed
      I prayed in silent
      with bit and pieces, of what
      I memories from the holly Quran

      The sound of my bones
      Rupture the silence virginity
      and the echoes penetrated the whole place
      there was nobody around
      darkness was the only witness

      The beautiful voice of my neighbor
      came by
      with the usual sharp nice tone
      though, I never seen her
      her voice, in many nights
      the only thing connected to reality
      it sound, from far away
      like a complain

      Slowly the light entered my eyes
      stalling light from darkness
      and my ear taking
      sound from silent

      I was back to life, I left behind
      wishing it didn't take place


      I don't know what got over me
      at that moment to write this
      imagination or laziness?!$$-e:confused: maybe both


    • Your topic brings to me a memory

      And it was about silence$$6

      I will never forget this memory when I stayed inside my room alone and I felt lonliness and everything was silent

      The silence brought to me sorrowness because I remembered many things were in my life and missed them$$7

      I started to write also some words and it was about silence
      and I believe when the place is silence you feel that you want to have a company$$7 and your comapny that you want it in that moment is a pen and papers:D

      Thanks a lot Nazlat for this sweet words and I know that each word means a lot to you:D
    • Pen & Paper

      Thank you Miss Spoon
      I'm glad you like it, $$-e most of the time
      I'm reluctant to write, $$-e baz affraid nobody
      will like them or even read them

      The company you want, in that moment is
      a pen and paper
      you're absolutely right
      there are my close best friends
      I started having feeling for them
      Here is a conversation between us

      Pen & Paper

      My pen runs too fast
      over the paper
      I can't stop it

      Have mercy; paper said
      slow down you pen
      tame your hand

      there is a lot ahead
      what could be worse?
      you're better than you might think
      tomorrow has a lot to say
      yesterday my dear has gone.

      You said
      I started to write some words
      and it was about silence $$7$$-e so


    • Thanks dear Nazlat, for these words of silence. although you've translated them from arabic, they still have an impression. One thing though, i don't think that you should pay much interest to what others would think about what you write. You should have enough confidence to overcome such things. Its what and only what you think of them is what matters. I also dont believe am the only one who thinks that your words are by far great.|e My regards