English Pronunciation Tips

    • English Pronunciation Tips

      Here are some English pronunciation tips which i hope you find |ahelpfulf

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      Do not confuse pronunciation of words with their spelling! For example, "threw" and "through", although spelled differently, are pronounced the same. Also, identical letters or letter clusters in words do not always produce the same sound. For example, the "ough" in "though" and "through" represents a different sound in each word. Learn to practise what you hear, not what you see

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      Imagine a sound in your mind before you say it. Try to visualize the positioning of your mouth and face. Think about how you are going to make the sound

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      Listen to and try to imitate what you hear from English first language speakers (ie, those who you see in movies, or perhaps your teachers). In addition to listening for specific sounds, pay attention to pauses, the intonation they make with their voice and patterns of emphasis. This can be just as important as the pronunciation of sounds

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      The English language has many different dialects, and words can be pronounced differently. It is important, however, that you pronounce words clearly to ensure effective communication

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      Finally, you must practise what you are learning! Remember that you are teaching your mouth a new way to move. You are building muscles that you do not use in your own language. It is like going to the gym and exercising your body. Try to listen to English First language speakers everyday, if you can, to exercise your mouth a little bit each day
    • It is interesting and usueful topic|a

      Pronunciation is very important and as you said Master there are many words are similar in the pronunciation but they have a different spelling

      For example

      .. well I'm sorry
      I can't recall any other examples now:confused:

      but when i will remember them I will bring it here
      so you could know them

      Also it is very important to listen clearly to people when they speak to know which word they mean if there are a similar pronunciation..And this might cause a misunderstanding to their conversation as you know$$7

      So thanks alot Master for this topic$$e

      See u all