Valentine"s Day

    • Valentine"s Day

      Valentine's Day

      There are varying stories and opinions as the origin of Valentine's Day.
      One legend says Valentine was a priest
      who served during the third century in Rome.

      When Claudius became emperor,
      he felt that married men were more emotionally attached to their families.
      And thus, will not make good soldiers.

      So to assure quality soldiers. He banned marriage.

      Valentine, realizing the injustice of the decree,
      defied Claudius and continued to perform marraiages for young lovers in secret.
      Claudius learned of this "friend of Lovers" and had him arrested.

      While Valentine was in prison awaiting his fate,
      he came in contact with his jailer, Asterius.

      Asterius had a blind daughter,
      Valentine restore her sight and fall in love with her.

      Just before his execution, he asks a pen and paper from his jailer "Asterius"
      and signed a farewell message to Asterius daughter
      " From Your Valentine" A Phrase That Lived Ever After.

      The Valentine's Day has become a festival
      all over the world involving exchaning
      handwritten greeting cards of affection on Feb 14.

      Eid Muback to all the members in Alsaha



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      Happy Valentine Day
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    • Thanks for the topic Nazlat, i find these information quite interesting. To be honest i never knew anything about Valentine nor about Valentine day. It's not till last year that i started to know more and more about it. I just used to know that it's been celebrated once every year and never could remember which day it was