• i agree with u nazlat

      But before his execution the king asked him to marriage his doter and leave all his idea about (nasraaniah
      if he accept then he will be realesed and will have good job with the king
      And in nasraniah priest not allow to even fall in love

      But he refused the offer and then he die in what he believe

      So for this reason people from that time they celebrate this event

      The reason why valentine is haram in salaam is that this priest (valentine) was a big enemy for esalam so be careful not to follow our enemy

      Because we already do what they do with blind mind

    • As I said in my Topic
      There are varying stories and opinion
      as the origin of Vlentine's day

      My interest mainly and directly goes to
      the origin of the day only.

      "Valentine is Haram"
      "Valentine was a big enemy to Islam"
      No comment. I have no solid ground to
      argue with you about this matter.

      "We already do what they do with BLIND mind"
      I completely agree with you here
      Unfortunately we do.
      How to change this, I think is by starting
      with ourselves.

      Thanks Yazede
      I told you we will meet again
      I'm sure is not as bad as you were thinking.


    • I can't find anything to add around here. Maybe it's because of my lack of knowledge or most likely that both of you didn't leave anything to add. So, thank you both for this nice discussion. I just hope that others would learn from it. I don't know how things happen these days, but i remember that Valentine day used to be celebrated in one or two of the biggest shopping centres in Muscat. I wish such things would no longer take place. We already implement things that we shouldn't, things that are far from our religion and culture. Things that were brought and introduced to our society, not long ago, but were sadly accepted. I think it's only fair to say that this doesn't go for everybody.|e My regards