Actually we are purchasing time

    • Actually we are purchasing time

      Firstly, I would like to congratulate all of you by the occasion of Eid Aladha.

      Have you ever ask yourself how do we purchase time??I bite that you did but, you didn't try to figure how and why? There fore the answer is yes, we buy time every day.

      First, why do we use cars? and why do we use plains and trains ?of course that because we want to get extra time to do some thing else instead of using, for example, animals to transport from place to place .So , using cars or any others machines is just because they are too fast than our physical power or animals power.

      Why the government now building new roads? It is just for saving people's time and do their obligations as fast as possible. Al though, roads is very expensive but it gives us the extra time to perform our work easily and with out any difficulties.

      Why do we use mobile phone or any kind of telecommunication? it is also to enterprise the time we have as possible as we can.

      Finally, we spent billion and million of money every daily just to get extra time. We buy the fuel for our car and plans and we spend anther amount of money to repair to enterprises the time in something else . Fore example it is very helpful for the companys as result of daily expenses. We pay electricity bell every month as well as the phone bell and the goals is always to not to let the time pass.

      Now do you realize how time is very precious!!!!!!!|e|e|e
    • Interesting topic dear brother, (purchasing time), to be honest i never thought of it that way. However, it seems to me that its by far correct. For this i believe that we really need to take extra care with our time. Time could just slip past you with out you knowing at times where you need every second available. This topic deserves another stop some other time. Anyway, at the end, i would really love to welcome you dear brother to the english section. It's a pleasure having you around here with us. With best wishes, looking forward with anticipation to hear from you again. |eMy regards
    • Hi again! If we can actually save ourselves some time in the sense that we do things that little bit quicker. Then i would say that we can easily do the same, by managing our time. There is no mystery about managing time. Everyone has 24 hours each day and 168 hours each week to eat, sleep, work, relax, exercise, attend class, and study. There is nothing magical about getting the most from these hours; it just takes planning. But time management does require self-discipline and control until the behavioral changes are internalized and time management becomes an everyday habit. Plans and schedules for managing time are useless if one does not follow them
    • Well thanks a lot Mr. (Master) for your replay on my topic and what I would like to add is that there are some people who don't appreciate the value of time at the same time they don't know how to manage their time .They simply use it in a useless way. For example, they spent most of their time in playing cards or smoking and so on. On the other hand they don't ever think that they will be judged about the time which they have given on the Day of Judgment.|y|y
    • Thank you very much my brother for your really interesting topic which we need it in our daily life .I actually realize that many people are not interest to give this topic much time but it is the basic thing in our life we have to discuss .Purchasing time is arrange our life without it we can't find the easy and interesting life .I am on of the people who interested purchasing my time in many good things that help me in my life .We know many people in this life have everything like money and other things we need in this life ,but they can't purchase their time .In fact ,I have many facts about this topic but really I don't know what can I say .I am sure that the person who wrote this topic is one of the smart people who have wonderful life with purchasing time of course .I hope that I give you at least small words I have about this topic .All the best for everyone read this topic and take the great advance .And we can't forget to thanks and wishes all the best for the Steven Copy

      :DMy best wishes
    • At first I would like to welcome you here
      Among us brother in this corner..

      Well it looks that you are coming with interesting topics

      And this topic is not just interesting but it is utterly important
      And everyone in this life(young and elder) should gives more attention
      To the time.. Because his life depend on the time and even his achievements
      If he played well with the time he is going to have a great and successful life
      But if he didn't!! he might find himself in a puzzling circle,

      For example, I have one important example and many people unfortunately
      Have this problem which is spending most of their time in front of their computers
      And forget their responsibilities that they have to do,, So they can’t ever do their duties In this life while they are wasting their time and they never organize their time

      Thanks a lot brother for your topic,,
      And sorry is I said anything wrong or been misunderstood

      See u all
    • sallam brothers & sisters,,
      well, long time to write in here, but i was really busy!!!
      Anyway, i would like to thanx my brother who just came with this brillient idea of managing time...
      i don't wanna go saying wut everyone has said but i wanna just go and disscuse with u THis Question " how to MANAGE your TIME?! " I mean every one should shear with us the ways that we can orgnise our time probably....

      Looking to hear from u and see wut everyone in here point of view...

      Good Luck all...
    • At first i would like to thank redhat for the discussion he created over here. I think that this would be very useful and i hope that everyone would make full use of it. As well as sharing their experiences with us. Here are a few tips on time management

      Daily Schedules
      There are a variety of time schedules that can fit your personality. These include engagement books, a piece of poster board tacked to a wall, or 3 x 5 cards. Once you decide upon the style, the next step is construction. It is best to allow spaces for each hour, half-hours for a busy schedule. First, put down all of the necessities; classes, work, meals, etc

      Now block in your study time. Schedule it for a time when you are energized

      Also, it's best to review class notes soon after class. Make sure to schedule in study breaks, about 10 minutes each hour. Be realistic on how many courses to take. To succeed in your courses you need to have the time to study. If you find you don't have time to study and you're not socializing to an extreme, you might want to consider lightening your load

      Tips for Saving Time Now that you know how you spend most of your time, take a look at it. Think about what your most important things are. Do you have enough time? Chances are that you do not. Below are some tips on how to schedule and budget your time when it seems you just don't have enough

      Don't be a perfectionist
      Trying to be a perfect person sets you up for defeat. Nobody can be perfect. Difficult tasks usually result in avoidance and procrastination. You need to set achievable goals, but they should also be challenging. There will always be people both weaker and stronger than you

      Learn to say no
      For example, an acquaintance of yours would like you to see a movie with him tonight. You made social plans for tomorrow with your friends and tonight you were going to study and do laundry. You really are not interested. You want to say no, but you hate turning people down. Politely saying no should become a habit. Saying no frees up time for the things that are most important

      Learn to Prioritize
      Prioritizing your responsibilities and engagements is very important. Some people do not know how to prioritize and become procrastinators. A "to do list" places items in order of importance. One method is the ABC list. This list is divided into three sections; a, b, or c. The items placed in the A section are those needed to be done that day. The items placed in the B section need completion within the week. The C section items are those things that need to be done within the month. As the B, C items become more pertinent they are bumped up to the A or B list. Try it or come up with your own method, but do it

      Combine several activities

      Another suggestion is to combine several activities into one time spot. While commuting to school, listen to taped notes. This allows up to an hour or two a day of good study review. While showering make a mental list of the things that need to be done. When you watch a sit-com, laugh as you pay your bills. These are just suggestions of what you can do to combine your time, but there are many others, above all be creative, and let it work for you


      After scheduling becomes a habit, then you can adjust it. It's better to be precise at first. It is easier to find something to do with extra time then to find extra time to do something. Most importantly, make it work for you. A time schedule that is not personalized and honest is not a time schedule at all
    • Effective time management necessitates a sense of balance. Either extreme along the time management skills continuum can be problematic. On one hand, perfect time management skills do not make one a perfect student or employee. It is possible to excess about time, such that one is so wrapped up in the minutiae of details that meaningful tasks are not accomplished. On the other hand, poor time management skills do not make one a stooge. Some brilliant people habitially are "a day late and a dollar short."

      Then why bother with time management? The main reason for managing time is to provide structure to one's life and, in turn, piece of mind. Managing time is just something one does for one's own psyche, to make one's days easier

    • Due to the fact that am a student and i would think that most of you are. I'll take studying as an arbitary example

      Unlike high school, college or university requires that students spend much more time studying outside of class (this is something i never was good at). In high school, many students could get away with two-hour test preparation sessions or with writing a research paper in an hour or two. Not so in college/university. The rule-of-thumb in college is to spend two hours each week studying for every one hour in class. For example, if a class meets three hours a week, plan to spend six hours studying that subject each week. If a student has 15 hours of class each week, he/she should spend at least 30 hours studying each week. Indeed, going to school is like having a job

      So at the end, we are to say that, one should put enough effort in order for him/her to achieve the expected results. Starting with myself, i really think i need to follow some of these rules. I just don't seem to be able to get my acts together when it comes to studying. I hope that you don't get into such a delicate position. With best wishes, |eMy regards