A Slap

    • With time, we go through series of changes
      they creep into our feeling, attitude and look.

      The accumulation of all these changes makes
      what we are today

      However,we don't notice them at all
      evern our family and the closest friends to us,
      will not be able to see them

      But we get a slap in the face, when we see
      and old close friend after a very long time of
      Then we start comparing???!!!
      comparing the past with the present???!!!

      I wrote these few lines after a slap of that kind

      Active, attractive, talkative
      full of life
      Things I never had
      and if I did at one time
      I have lost through the years I lived
      Yesterday's solutions
      are today's problems

      I'm still looking
      for the right way to take
      for the right step to make
      for a shade, to sit under
      for a day
      that will not deny me
      from living another
      Deprive me from my share
      of happiness


    • Well i guess that would one way of putting it...A slab! It is quite odd when you get to see someone dear that you used to know after a long time, Isn't it. My guess is that such a thing would be determined by how close you actually were. Anyway, this is another great poem, I have to say. I don't know if it's me, or your writings are taking a sad turn. I sense that little diverse in them, I mean the old ones and these. Ahh..nevermind, i just think that these words carry great meanings.|e My regards