important issue

    • important issue

      I want to discuss very important issue in our society. Finding a job.
      As we know finding a satisfied job today became very difficult because lots of people want to work in government and the government is full of employees and it can't hire more employees any more.
      The government faced big problems in employment practically with those who finished secondary school and this problem spread to the student of colleges and university student.
      So what we can do to solve this problem?????
      That question still without any convincing answers

      The plan which the government began which aims to solve this problem by employee the people in companies is one of the solutions we can find to avoid this problem but this plan is on the beginning and it face a lot of difficulties. One of those difficulties is the low salary which usually 120 Rial. Instead people don't want to work at companies because the job rewards of companies are very low those jobs doesn't offer holiday as the government do and its has more work hours
      Those workers who work in companies said they spend all they salary in transportation and food because most companies don't offer that and they don't get any benefits of their job and therefore they leave their job and the companies is still the alone beneficiary.
      Many companies’ workers leave their jobs and don't continue because of many reasons and some of this reasons I mentioned it above.

      Let me say these reasons again and discuss it in details
      First the salary
      Usually the salary is about 120 Rial this salary don't allow the person to get marriage or to buy good car or built house or began their own project even it was very small or……ext
      So why he or she works
      Second the transportation
      Workers spend money everyday in transportation this problem get more complicated with the workers who live outside Muscat because most companies situated in Muscat and therefore they usually rent houses and go homes only in weekends and the prize of rent always is high here in Muscat
      Third the food
      Because companies' employees spend most of day working they want the company to offers to them food while they work but this doesn't happen.
      Fourth preferment
      The worker still work years and years without any preferment

      So let’s discuss this issue and let’s hear your opinions about these problems.
    • Welcome dear brother. The topic you brought about for discussion is by far said to be one of the most complicated issues that our country is facing. I really agree with all what you've said

      The way i see it, Every year, nearly 40000 students leave secondary schools and a batch of university graduates will come onto the employment market. The difficulty is absorbing all of them into an economy where growth is sluggish because of the austerity measures forcedd on the government by stagnant oil revenues. Omanisation” has been a much-used slogan for several years, but now the government realises it must act quickly if it is to avoid trouble in the future

      One big obstacle is that almost all Omani graduates want to work for the government. Salaries are generally higher than in the private sector, working hours are shorter and job security is greater. But the public sector has already approached saturation

      Over the past few years, the government has been training Omanis who want to join the civil service, paying them a salary while they sit next to an expatriate employee and learn the job. As soon as the expatriate’s contract is up, the Omani national takes over. Uniquely, Omanis’ are replacing expatriate petrol pump attendants and bus drivers. Other professions dominated by expatriates, such as tailoring, are being targeted and private companies are being urged to recruit and train Omani nationals

      But most of the foreigners have technical positions, and it takes time to train technicians and specialists. Meanwhile, the government is paying out two salaries for one job. The two ministries who employ by far the largest number of foreigners are education and health

      Omanis are also understandably reluctant to accept the lower salaries paid to Indians and Pakistanis. Another obstacle is persuading Omanis to take relatively low-grade jobs

      The above was a quick review on the major problem with one or two solutions that the government has been approaching to tackle the problem. The thing is and as you said my dear brother what omanis get from working in the private secotr is by far not enough. The living expenses in Muscat alone contribute to a great loss in the worker's salary. Nevermind the transportation and the other costs

      So what are the solutions? What can we do about this problem? I really wish i had a good answer. As i said its one of the most complicated issues that faces our country. Maybe someone does have the solution and maybe not. However, lets look at the issue from another angle. Which is better in your opinion: That young graduates should not seek work except in the public sector working for the government and if they dont find such a job, they should stay at home or wonder about doing nothing and cause trouble all over. Or on the other hand take a job in the private sector regardless how much it pays

      It is sad to see such a thing take place in your own country, but till a satisfying solution is brought about, I can only see Omanis having to take such jobs. At least then, they will earn their own living and not have to put another load on their families

      I know that i might have not contributed well enough to this discussion, but I hope i would hear more from the rest of you
    • Hello dear brothers,
      First of all, I would like to welcome the alkawser in this forum. As you mentioned guys, this issue is more complicated than we think. Lets us take the first problem in this issue, the salary. In my opinion, the best solution for it, is raising the private sector employee salary from 120 OR up to good salary ( 200 OR) and this could be done by the government support as start to overcome this problem.
      What’s your opinion about this solution?
    • Thanks my brothers (THE MASTER) and (prince) for replay
      I am glad to be with my brothers here in English Section
      I agree with you my dear THE MASTER expect that you said you ((( I know that i might have not contributed well enough to this discussion)

      You have a wonderful contribution
      #d #d
      . As you said we need to train technicians and specialists to be the replacement of foreigners
      I defiantly think its better for Omani to work in private sectors than stay at home but we need to increase the salary up to a good salary like 200 OR as my brother ( prince ) said instead of 120 OR

      My brother THE MASTER discuses this topic perfectly and we find in his replay lots of good opinions and points in this issue

      But this issue is very complicated and the government and citizens must work together to solve this problems

      I think the government must create a policy to improve the situation of the workers in private sectors by increasing their salaries
      If young people still without jobs that’s very dangerous for our society because the percentage of crime increase and those people will probably stole to get their needs
      the solution for that is they must work even the salaries is low because if they don’t have good salaries they earn experience from their jobs and therefore they can find a better job because they have experience .on the other hand the companies cant hire employee in good job without experience.

    • Yes its by far said to be one of the most
      complicated issue that our country facing
      surprisingly for a young country like ours

      I will not claim to be fully acquainted with
      the problem
      but I was to some extend,"fortunate" enough
      to be at both ends

      We all know about 120/Omr salary
      and what is going on behind
      The government can ask the company
      to rise the salary to 200/Omr
      But, we all know also what will happen
      to the Omani staff and the prices in the country

      Looking at the other end
      As the Master said "economic growth in the country
      and the oil revenues"

      Believe it or not, most Omani companies are also

      Asking them to pay a higher salary will definitely
      put some of them to a very bad financial
      situation if not liquidation.

      Satisfying solution
      May Allah guaide us all


    • Hello guys,
      I am totally agree with the master and the alkwaser in their point about getting the Omanis to work in private sector rather than staying at home, but as the alkwaser mentioned, the government should set rules in order to protect the omanis workers rights in private sector. (Nazlat) Here, we are not asking the companies to raise the omanis workers salary without give something on the other side because it will be a short time solution, but we are looking for more support from the government to these companies which are employing the Omanis, by giving more simplification in finishing stuffs and financial support from time to other. By this way, the government will avoid a lot of future problems as long time solution.( alkwaser) letting the omanis work in order to earn experience would be a solution, but not for a long time because most of companies are asking about certificate before experience.
    • Thanks my brother (NAZALET AL SAMA) and prince

      As you said the salary is the most complicated point in this topic
      My dear prance I agree with you
      There are good points in your replay
      As you said .
      ( alkwaser) letting the omanis work in order to earn experience would be a solution, but not for a long time because most of companies are
      asking about certificate before experience.

      Yah my brother I think this point need lot of comment
      The company asking for certificate and experience in same time. How can young Omani get this in same time???
      On the other hand, the companies doesn’t give those who have MVQ any Concessions and the big disaster g$$ that the companies give those people salary as who don’t have this certificate and those people have training courses in their studies I mean they have the experience as my brother but he sitting now at home without job I try to incrouge him to retuned to work but he ask me many questions I cant awser it

      What is the benefits of my certificate? , I refuse work without give me facilities because I have certificate

      And he said the situation still without any developments
    • Hi again,
      In private sector, most companies are asking for an experience because they don’t want to waste along time and money to train the worker. In other words, they (company’s owners) want him or her to get straight a way to the work. I am with them in this point because they are private companies and none wants to waste his or her money in non-use things.
      About your brother case, really I have got no idea what’s MVQ referred to? However, this doesn’t mean that he should stop at this point; he can show his ability and what he has learned from his study to show his boss the difference between him and other guys who are without certificates. By the way, he will get step further in his career. Or he can earn experience for couples of years then he leave that company to better one.
    • A good topic to discuss#d
      Well, we will always face this problem in our society and it creats a huge problem because employment creat some critical problems

      First of all, those people who don't have jobs or they are working in companies with less salaries face \many difficulties in life and they can't provide a good life for their families so they usually use evil ways to increase their incomes . As you know the num,ber of crimes have increased very badly and if we focus in the reason we will find that those people who become robbers are poor and they can't live as the others live in their society.

      Second, it creats poverty and this reason is also related to the first one. Although, there are really some poor people who need helps, there are also cheaters who you don't recognaixe them when they come to ask some help. You feel pity towards them because you know that we have a difficult situation of life in our society so you give them some money but sometimes you
      hesitated because you think that they might be cheaters.

      Third, when people refuse to work in companies with less salary, the economy of Oman decreased and we need to improve our econemy but it is difficult for us to convince people to work in these companies with less salary.

      So , the government have to take a step to improve this situation
      It should forced companies to pay for people a good salary and it should garantee for people that if they worked well in these companies their salary might be increased

      In the west, people who worked in private companies and specially ones who work outside office have a higher salary than the ones who work in goverment. So for that reason why the west power is over than the East because they always encourage people to work in any jobs because they garnantee and provide for them a good life.

      I wish that we could have this encouragment in our society to enable people to work with worring about their salary or anything esle

      Well that is all what i can say about
      I am sorry if i go away from the topic$$7

      see u all
    • Thank you for your participation miss spoon and I agree with at all
      Young people in our society have all qualification which allow them to find job: certificates (secondary or college or university) and they have the desire to work and they are ardent to participate in building their country so that they are ready to work in the jobs which are suitable for thier qualification .

      so why they don't find jobs????
      I am searching for answer for these question but until now i don't find answer convinced me completely .

      is this because the population of Oman increase ???

      I don't think so , Oman is rich country and it has lots of resources such as oil , natural gas and so on . we can invest lots of things here in Oman and these Investments can offer jobs for all young people. if we compare Oman with Japan we see how Japan offer jobs for most people although it has very large population , sure we cant compare the industry here with one of the most huge industry in the world like Japan , but Japan began from zero after it attacked by two atomic bomb by American , and just in few years it reach the top because it has great management and a lot of organization which concern in worker affairs were founded there. so this consistent between the government and theses organization and people helps to fight unemployment problems.

      we have to copy the Japanese experiences and get benefits from it

      Oman has lots of resources as I said and it situated in strategist location and it has long seas more than 1700 KM and it has a lot of sites which are amazing for touring and it has and has and has .........

      so what's wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Salaam All ,,,

      Well sorry don’t have much time to write,,, well for me their , they answer for what is wrong ? as brother al kwaser asked him self so many time .We might know it all of us but we cant believe it or we don’t want to believe it . Is unqualified Top management in our country or the leaders for the country they fail to plan well for the incoming generations where they increase per/min ß- masha alah . I might be wrong but this is part of my opinion or it is part of the what’s wrong?