How I can be profisional in english language

    • Welcome my dear brother. Its a real pleasure to have around with us in the english section. As for your question, I have to say, that there isn't actually one straight answer!! In my opinion, the most important thing is that you've got the motivation to improve and learn. From there you can develop your own ways of learning. The problem being is that, what can be a good way to learn for someone, can also be a very bad way for another

      In general, I would say that you should for a start try to find books that teach english and go through them. Or on the other hand, you can look at different websites that deal with this matter. If you are interested refer to this topic

      click here

      The other thing is that you should try to read a lot in english. I find this a very helpful way of learning. You get to learn new vocabulary and imporve your reading skills at the same time. You can also imporve your pronounciation by reading loudly and speaking in english with other poeple as much as you can. You should also try to write about anything so that your english writing would improve. Just get a pen and a paper and write about whatever comes across your mind. Then get someone to look at what you wrote. This way you'll be told about where you made mistakes and this way you wont make them again

      The most important thing is that you never give up and never be afraid of making mistakes. Only by making mistakes you would learn. At the end you'll find that you've developed yor own method of learning

      I would be more than glad to help you with anything you want and so is everyone around here. You just need to ask! With best wishes, My regards
    • My friend,
      No one is called proffisional in English. Beleave me, it is only the one who was born in Englad can be called proffisional. Ask the Canadian people for example, are they proffisionals?
      Any way, the good thing about you is that you are trying and welling to learn more, as The Master said, and what he has mentiond in his reply is very help full. The best thing is to read more, loader and very important is to listen carefully to English dialogs. The reason is that this will help improving the pronounsation of the English words. And this is important for you in your college, since you are using speaking and listining in college.

      Any way, good luck and keep improving what you have now, because what I can see that you are better than alotwho has graduated from England! Beleave me!

      And by the way, just do as I do,: keep writing in English, no matter if you are making mistakes in typing or not, because I think I have done alot above#e

      Abdu'l Malik

      #eI think I have done a mistake in my name, since it is not my real name any way#e
    • السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته

      dear friend
      learning english is not a big deal . it easer than Arabic . wt makes it difficult that we don't practice it . in my opinion there are several ways to improve ur language not through memorising . this way is not strongly help you coz u will forget what u have memorized b4.
      these are my way inlearnig english
      1- when you want to thing try to think in english to know which wrods u need to use in ur daily live.
      2- try to write ur note in english and while you are writing try to prounoune the words
      3- try to use new words for example the adj clever is known
      try to find its synonym smart , intelligent
      4- try to repeat with ur teacher or with the speaker when to now ur pronunciation mistakes
      so plz when u face anyproblem don't stop just challenge it
      now tk kt bye
      this is a gift for u