you are sad
      I will dry your tears.

      When you are scared
      I will comfort your fears.

      When you are worried
      I will give you hope. When you are confused
      I will help you cope.

      And when you are lost
      and can't see the light. I shall be your beacon
      shining ever so bright.
      This is my oath
      I pledge till the end. Why you may ask
      because you're my friend.

      love to all.
    • Thanks dear sister for sharing this nice poem with us. We can never actually have enough of such poems. As true friends do deserve more than few words, or maybe words are never enough to describe their importance. So, if you think you have a true friend, make sure that you stay friends for ever. We are in a time where finding true friends has become something close to the impossible. Here is another poem for a friend, that i always liked

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      Poem for a Friend

      A friend will stand the test of time
      A friend will swap their trust for mine

      A friend will stay on-board when my ship is sinking
      A friend will know when unhappy thoughts I'm thinking

      A friend won't forget me when excitement comes along
      A friend knows my heart and all the words to it's song

      A friend will comfort when each new day I fear
      This friend has stood by me through a difficult past year

      One last thing, i would really love to welcome you among us here as a friend. With best wishes, |eMy regards