My apologize to all of you

    • My apologize to all of you

      Salam to all my sisters and brothers here in English section i want to apologize because i might be away from you all for many reasons..Also i will try to read each topic if i have the chance but i can't promise you that i can participate or contribute in any topic..So please accept my deep apologize and i'm sure that the number of English section is increasing and that makes me feel happy..Also if nobody participate in your topic it's enough for you to see the number of visitors which i believe it is very positive here and i'm sure you will get my point:D

      with all my regards to all of u$$e

      your sister

      Miss Spoon

      By the way if you need any help i will be ready for that just call me and i will be here soon:P
    • Dear Miss Spoon, I have to say that reading this made me sad. You've always been a member that i posed great respect for. I don't really know for sure when was it that you posted this topic and i was starting to wonder about your whereabouts. As it has been a while since we last heared from you. It is only when i saw the topic that i figured out whats going on. Well, i have to say that now, i know that everyone could have their own reasons for being away. I guess such reasons can never be under our own control. I just want you to know that you will always be remembered over here and thought of. Although you may not have the ability to participate in any of the topics, its always a pleasure to see you in the section. With best wishes, take care and|e My regards
    • Salaam alaikum
      AS u all all know how bad i am in making statements, but i will try.
      Miss spoon, its one of the worse news to know that u r leaving us..i just cant imagine this saha without your persent.Althoug i was not participatting alot in here but i am always reading ur topics and get the value information .
      In the otherhand, am glad bcz u r disspearing for ur own good. and this all of us should learn from you.We all have prioraties in our lives ..i think u r taking this in concider.
      Another point, this doesnt mean the other guys should stop and say good bye to this saha....we should continue and .....go on.
      Salaaam for now