How to live a long life????

    • How to live a long life????

      How to live a long life????
      Long life means longevity

      Some people all over the world live a long life because they take care of


      Although we know that God has hs fate

      but we should take care of our bodies.

      Here is a Recipe for longevity:

      1. Exercise regularly and consistently

      2. Don't use preservatives or artificial colorants

      3. Eat a frugal diet, high in fibber, low in salt, fat and refined sugars and rarely fry in oil.

      4. Drink water with a high mineral content, from a well or mountain streams.

      5. Consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

      6. Never experience loneliness.

      7. Practice holistic medicine, using traditional herbs and medicines to prevent and cure disease.

      8. Live in extended families, which offer cradle to grave security

      .Seldom drink or smoke9.

      10. Live at high altitudes with little air pollution.

      11. Respect their elders, who lead busy active lives into their 1oo's emphasize relationship bad harmony over the pursuit of wealth or success

      In your opinion which of these is the most important to live a

      long/secure/happy life????????.
    • Many thanks for the recepie dear sister. i really think that after the bless of allah they could be of great help to sustain a long happy life. As for your question, on which one think is the most important, well i don't think it's possible to actually make a choice. They all seem to be of great importance

      However, I would say that making your heart a priority is one of the best, most practical choices you can make to lead a healthier, happier and longer life. The risk factors for heart disease are becoming better known almost daily. If you are at high risk of developing heart trouble, a preventive program of care can help you live a long and enjoyable life. If you already have heart disease, then a program of cardiac health will help you to recover and prevent further problems