In this critical time, FOSIS is issuing an important threefold message to Muslim students. Please read it and take note of the specific information mentioned regarding ACTION:

      1. DON'T LOSE HOPE
      3. TURN TO ALLAH

      1. Many Muslims have been affected by despair, which is a tool of Shaytaan to prevent them from taking action. It may seem that the death of millions of innocent Iraqis is now inevitable, but we must continue to strive our utmost to defend them and to spread the truth about this immoral war. Above all, we must remember that Allah (SWT) has control over all things and can provide help in ways we do not even understand. Not even the 'greatest' superpower can overpower Him!

      2. If war is declared, there will be demonstrations ON THAT DAY in towns and cities around the country. Gather at 6.00 PM in your local town centre, or where rallies are usually held. Raise your voices in opposition to the Government's actions. NOT IN OUR NAME!

      On Saturday 22nd March, there is a major demonstration in London. Gather at the Embankment at 12.00 PM for a march to Hyde Park.

      Students should be leading the way in anti-war actions. Why not organise demonstrations on your campus together with other people of conscience?

      Also, please continue to contact your MP and other elected representatives to make your views clear and have them answer to you. For contact details, see faxyourmp.com .

      3. In times of crisis, Muslims turn to the Almighty to ask for His help. There is a special prayer, Salat-ul-Haajah (Prayer of Need), which should be performed. It consists of two raka'ahs, followed by du'aa (supplication). Please find time to perform this for the sake of the Muslim ummah.

      Also, there are communal Prayers of Need going in mosques around the country on Friday 21st March - join your community after the Jumu'ah prayer. We advise that you check with your Imam to see if he is aware, and persuade him to do this small action for our Iraqi brothers and sisters.

      This is a time for unity and solidarity with the innocent Muslim people who are under attack. FOSIS urges you to do whatever you can for them, from the smallest action to the greatest.

      Wassalaamu 'alaykum,
      Your brothers and sisters at FOSIS


      The Federation of Students Islamic Societies In the UK & Eire.
    • Many thanks dear sister for delivering the message. We can only pray to allah Sharing Dua as Allah Never Regrets: " May Allah Almighty the only creator, and, Who controls each and every thing of this universe, Bless all muslims and sustain the iraqi people in the war that was taken upon them with no right what so ever