A prison with Open doors

    • A prison with Open doors

      كود المصدر

      1. [size=14]
      2. [size=12][ALIGN=LEFT][B]A waking in this bed
      3. like the dead in the grave
      4. to a known and unknown world
      5. hazy dimensions
      6. dark corners
      7. windowless walls
      8. In this confusion
      9. I live my day
      10. a prison with open doors
      11. though I can't see them
      12. A day with so many hours
      13. with its different hours
      14. the prison change
      15. strangely we move form one to another
      16. commuting between them
      17. with our full freedom and choose
      18. Day after another
      19. watching thee, passing by
      20. sneaking away
      21. stealing from our age
      22. right in front of our eyes
      23. we stand, helplessly, motionlessly
      24. rising our shoulder up and down
      25. and by the end of the day
      26. back to the dark, haziness
      27. and windowless walls[/B][/ALIGN][/SIZE][/SIZE]
      عرض الكل
    • [TABLE='width:70%;'][CELL='filter: glow(color=blue,strength=2);']
      Life is a prison
      Oh God let me out
      No one to listen
      To hear when you shout

      Climb the walls of insanity
      Ride the waves of despair
      If you fall it don't matter
      There's no one to care

      Used to wish for a window
      To see birds, trees and sky
      But you're better without one
      Stops you aiming too high

      Watching freedom is painful
      For those locked away
      Seeing joy, love and happiness
      Another price that you pay

      Strong is good, weak is bad
      Be it false, be it true
      Your mind makes the choice
      And enforces it too

      Cell walls built by society
      With rules to adhere
      If you breach the acceptable
      You had better beware

      Hide the pain, carry on
      Routine is the key
      Don't let on that you're not
      What you're pretending to be

      Lock it all up inside you
      How badly that bodes
      Look out for that one day
      When it all just explodes

      Leaving naught but a shell
      Base functionality too
      But killing all else
      That was uniquely you

      So how do you grow
      With a timebomb inside
      Or how to defuse it
      Without destroying its ride

      You can't


      Dear sis
      Sometimes it could be life like prison when feel depressed
      or when we involved in troubles
      but still we have to be optimistic
    • A prison with open doors!, sometimes thats how life seems to us. I think that this can sometimes be the result of the way we choose live our lives. Many people live in darkness just like that. We try to find fulfillment in our lives by trying to go through doors that don't lead anywhere. Money, relationship, fame, power, and influence are all doors that we spend our lives trying to go through. Unfortunately, these doors don't always lead to places that we want to go. However, life can be a lot simpler and easier to live and as our dear friend Max99 said, we still have to be optimistic

      Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today

      Nice participation, Nazlat. Lots of meanings that require lots of thought. It was a joy to read. |eMany thanks