• To be or not to be

      I just want to be my self

      Do what my heart and brain want me to do

      I want to be like a bird that flies around the fields

      Smiling the tasty air

      The wonderful sky

      With any one who believes in freedom

      Have you ever felt with this emotion?

      Or have you ever dreamt of it?

      If you haven’t …

      You will lose your life

      With my best wishes to any one who wants to live in freedom
    • Nice post dear brother. Freedom is something that always seek! We Fight for Freedom, raising the flag! We stand for rights
      we stand for Freedom



      Freedom- Is there man born that lusts not after liberty

      Freedom- Are there anywhere souls who crave not to be free

      Those who would not look up to the sky and to God vow

      One has the right to live one's life the way one chooses how

      Freedom- Man's noblest dream beset with well intent restraints

      Freedom-Is often lost midst " for your own good" refrain

      My freedom taken from me in the name of so called " moral right"

      But to what end am I enslaved for someone else's fight

      Liberty "adjusted"- for whatever moral cause, and though they be..

      If I have no right to choose, I have not liberty

      If I so choose the path to hell, I alone must so decide

      Else that we call our "liberty" mocks all those who ever died

      For Freedom

      Freedom- Our natural right and yet so new a concept to our human minds!

      Freedom-Each owns oneself- so simple an idea- so basic- it defines

      All human interaction in that briefest, simple thought

      "To live one's life as each one decides the way one ought"

      Freedom- It doesn't give the right to interfere by force or fraud

      Freedom- It is not reserved for those who say they're serving God!

      Freedom.......The very word, and all the word implies

      Does not assume the one that's free is good or pure or wise!

      Liberty is for the brave and strong, the weak and coward too

      And rich and poor alike, the fainthearted and the true

      All can huddle underneath the banner bought and paid for by our blood

      All are free to make a choice to live, be it bad or be it good-

      It's freedom

      © Norma Jean Almodovar- April, 1986
    • نعم أخي الكريم صفح

      الحرية مطلب كل شخص

      وأمنية كل انسان

      ولكن لا بد لكل حرية من قيود تضبطها وأحكام تسوسها

      وإلا أضحى الأمر عبثا ولهوا

      وأضحى واقع الإنسان كحياة الغاب

      والحرية ليس معناها أن يفعل الإنسان كل ما يحلو له ووقت ما يشأ .... أبدا ... فلربما كان ذلك افسادا وظلما ...

      ولكن معناها أن نلتزم شرعنا وديننا ونعرف حقوق الإنسانية وحقوق الاخرين بوجه عام ، حتى لا تتعدى حريتنا على حرية الآخرين ، وحتى لا تكون سببا لهلاكنا في الدنيا والآخرة

      مع خالص شكري لك
    • Freedom has to be with limits

      Freedom doesn't mean that you do whatever you want without consider the results

      We all ask for freedom, and we all also know how our religion gives the right freedom that we ask

      You are free to do the things that have good results
      So that is the meaning of freedom

      People always ask for freedom
      What were the reasons of French revolution??
      It was for freedom.

      But when we talk about freedom we have to remember our brothers in palestine
      those brave people who fight and resist the Israel invasion for freedom .
      our feeling is with them we have to support them by money , by anything that could help them

      god be with them

      see , people fight for freedom therefore we mustn’t abuse freedom
      everything have limits

      putting limits for freedom is for many reason

      lets mention to you some of it

      1. to reach the aims and goals of freedom in correct way
      2. to avoid the disadvantage that could we face if we don’t put limit for freedom
      3. protect you and save your right so that nobody can take you right or enter your personal life in name of freedom
    • Freedom is a great word in my life and i always dream to hav4e freedom.. i always remember the movie of Brave heart when the hero William Wallas(Mil Gibson) Screamed Freedom while he was at that moment in a position of execution..That movie has left a great affect in my self because i feel like a prisoner inside myself,, a prisoner that i see all muslimes around the world are killed and tortued ,, i feel prisoner for watching them everyday killed in Palastine Iraq, Bosnah and so other places and i can not do anything,, I feel prisoner for that i cry and i can not do anything to offwer for those people..
      Yeah, i was always dream to have this kind of freedom that let me go out from my prison,, but when my dream is going to be achieved.. maybe someday