Hang up the phone in the car

    • Hang up the phone in the car

      Hang up the phone in the car
      Contrary to popular belief, drivers using hands-free speakerphones are more likely to be distracted than those using other types of mobile. Roland Matthews at Massey University in New Zealand gave drivers either a standard mobile phone, a mobile with an earpiece, or a mobile connected to a microphone and speaker built into the car. He then phoned the drivers as they negotiated a stretch of road and asked them to repeat words played to them. When Matthews assessed drivers on how well they understood the words, he found that those using hands-free phones with external speakers fared worst and also became the most frustrated . This distraction makes them more likely to have accidents than drivers using other phones, he says.

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      From New Scientist

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    • This article is of great importance, due to the fact that many drivers are under the illusion of faulty belives. This missconseption is widely spread and need to be reviewd and discussed

      IF YOU THINK PEOPLE who talk on cellular phones while driving are asking for trouble, you're probably right. There is also this widely-held view that hands-free phones were safe, stressing that the chief danger arose from the mental distraction of the conversation, not the physical act of holding a handset. Anyway, i just hope that poeple get to read such articles and understand the morality that lay behind them. At the end, its not just their life they're putting on stake here! Its also the life of others

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      Well when i read it i remember soon the accident that my uncle have it two days ago and the problem was that the other driver was using his mobile so the accident happened:confused::confused:

      Also last week i tried a new car which u can enter ur sim card on it and u can speak and listen without any mic to put it in ur head or in ur ear
      you can talk freely coz there is mic near the window of the driver and u can listen to the callers clearely without any difficulties$$e

      I think i am going to have this car in Future inshallah coz it is more safe;)

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